What’s There To Know About Our Photography?

What is there to know about our photography – A blog post based on conversations with photographers.

Photography In General and Our Photography

Please note the distinction I made in the title “our photography”.  Just for clarity, when I say “our photography” I mean our photography as individual photographers.

As an example, I’ll use myself as the photographer. There’s photography in general and that includes a lot of stuff to know. Then there’s “my photography” and that only includes what I need to know to do the work that I wanna do. Because I’m a lazy photographer when it comes to makin’ my pictures, I don’t have to know much. 🙂

What Is There To Know About Our Photography?

When I  think of photography, I think of it as a form of visual communication. I gotta know how to say what I wanna say by creating a photograph with my camera.

What Are We Trying To Say?

When we make pictures we usually wanna tell people about what we’re seein’. But, as photographers, we don’t use words. Instead, we use photographs.

Sometimes it’s tellin’ people about the beautiful sunset we’re seein’.  At other times it’s tellin’ people about somethin’ not so beautiful.   We all got somethin’ to say. What we choose to say varies from photographer to photographer. That’s part of what makes our photography unique.

Why Are We Trying to Say It?

When I work as a photojournalist I wanna tell people facts. When I’m not workin’ as a photojournalist I wanna tell about my personal take on what I’m seein’. Once again, just as in the “what”, the “why” varies from photographer to photographer.

How Are We Trying To Say It?

In general the how is the same. The “how'” is with a photograph, by using a camera. However, the cameras we use ain’t general. Because the cameras we choose vary from photographer to photographer. We’ve got brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, etc. Furthermore, we have variations within the brands.

When considering how we gotta learn to work our camera. And we gotta’ learn to work it in the way that suits us.

All We Gotta Know

Is what we wanna do and how we wanna do it. Once we know that, it drives our photography. And It drives our studies and practice.

That’s all we gotta know. That’s all we gotta do.

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What is there to know about our photography

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