Introduction To Photography Class In Washington, DC

Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC


Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC



Learn The Basics Of  Photography And Learn To Use Your Camera To Create The  Photographs That You Want


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Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC – Course Description

While working your camera in fully manual exposure mode throughout the Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC you’ll become thoroughly familiar with basic camera operation. In addition, you’ll learn to use your camera settings and features as elements of effective photographic composition. Furthermore, the class includes in-class lectures/discussion, in-class practical application exercises, homework assignments and weekly self-critiques.

  • 4 meetings/3 hours each meeting/12 hours total.
  • Limited to 8 registrants.

Are you getting the the kind of photographs that you’d like ? As an example…

  • Do your pictures appear too blurry, too light, too dark or don’t look like the picture that you had in mind?
  • Are you getting disappointed or frustrated and thinking that photography is too difficult?
  • Did you buy a “better” camera but still aren’t getting the pictures that you want?
  • Do you want to stop getting “point and shoot” results from your SLR camera?

The way to get better photographs, and become a better photographer, is to learn to work your camera in manual exposure mode because…

  • When we work our camera in manual exposure mode we’re using our camera in a thoughtful manner. In other words, we get involved in operating our camera to control the outcome of our photograph instead of the camera controlling the outcome of the photograph. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Within the class structure of the Introduction to photography class you’ll learn to rely on your mind, instead of a machine, to create a photograph. What is meant by that is, you’ll be involved in the creation of your photograph to the fullest extent possible. For the purpose of creating the best photographs possible, you’ll learn about functions on your camera that are critical to creating thoughtful compositions that are uniquely yours. Specifically, among other things,  you’ll learn how to think of focusing, metering and exposure as elements of composition. And you’ll learn how to relate those elements of composition to the specific operation of your camera. 

How You’ll Learn

While I was studying photography my best teachers demonstrated that the best way to learn was by doing. As a a result of this experience I follow the lead of my best teachers when it comes to playing the role of teacher during my photography classes. Accordingly, you’ll learn by doing.

How You’ll Learn During Class

While participating in Introduction To Photography class in Washington DC, as previously mentioned,  you’ll learn by doing. Specifically, practicing camera operation and technique during class time is a regular part of the training. As a result of practicing camera operation and technique during class time, the participant is immediately able to apply their newly acquired skills.

While practicing camera operation and technique is important, learning to think like a photographer is emphasized throughout the class. That is to say, that a thought process and vocabulary needs to be cultivated for the purpose of becoming aware of what we are doing as photographers. This is accomplished through in class discussions and the encouragement of questions.

Incidentally, there are no handouts. Therefore, note taking is strongly recommended. More precisely, take ’em by hand with a pen or pencil. Because, studies have shown that taking notes by hand improves learning.

How You’ll Learn Outside of Class

In addition, weekly homework assignments are given for the purpose of reinforcing what’s covered during class.  More importantly, the homework given is not subject specific. Instead, the homework is specific to the topics covered during class. Because the homework assignments are topic specific, the photographers participating in the Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC can photograph subjects that are meaningful to them. As a consequence, the class participants learn effectively by producing photographs that are relevant to the type of work they each prefer to do. Moreover, since each photographer brings in different work to display during the meeting as their  homework, (4″X6″ prints are recommended) conversations organically spring up about the work. The importance of these conversations is that it helps us cultivate a thought process and vocabulary that are imperative to utilize during our studies and practice.

Prerequisites For The Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC

  • Any camera offering a fully manual exposure mode.
  • You’ll need to bring the “full version” of your camera owners manual to class.
  • The ability to bring  in 4″ X 6″ prints to class for weekly discussions.
  • Student comment 1

    • Jamal H. says: Received Sam’s Introduction to Photography class as a gift in November 2017 after showing an interest in photography due to travel outside the states and it was truly a great experience. Sam was patient and willing to always revisit and re-explain topics to me when I struggled with tasks. I never felt intimidated as Sam’s easy going personality gives the class a comforting feeling. After only 4 classes, I now can shoot in Manual mode with confidence in capturing my shot as the human eye views it. Highly recommend this class to any beginners with a DSLR camera.

  • Student comment 2

    • Georgette says: I just finished Sam’s Introduction to Photography course and upped my photo taking skills considerably as a result. Many thanks to Sam’s guidance and help with building my “muscle memory” on how to get the best photo and trusting my own ability to do just that. Sam teaches a wonderful class and I highly recommend it to anyone (at any skill level) who is interested in seeing photos in a new way and becoming a better photographer. I am looking forward to the Intermediate Class.

  • Student comment 3

    • Bernard says: I really enjoyed Sam’s class. I was looking for a class to learn photography and how to use my camera. Sam isn’t going to teach you how to operate your camera – mainly because everyone comes to class with a different camera and that’s what the instruction manual is for. Rather, he’s going to teach you the fundamentals of photography, and in turn you’ll learn to use your camera through knowledge of the fundamentals, practice and reading the manual. I really liked Sam’s teaching style and personality. He makes you think, and he’s not here to judge your photography skills. He leaves that up to you as the photographer. I recommend his class and plan to take the intermediate class and focus class.

Important Notices

Class Meeting Location

The Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC meets near the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro station. If you have any questions about the meeting location of the class, then please contact Sam  ( )



Introduction To Photography Class In Washington DC

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45 comments on “Introduction To Photography Class In Washington, DC
  1. Li says:

    I am interested in taking the introduction classes, and like to know what are recommended cameras to purchase for the class also for future advanced classes.

    Thank you.

  2. tonia says:

    Hi, I see that I just missed the class that started this past Sunday. In looking at the scheduled I don’t see any other Sunday sessions scheduled through March. Will this change and will you be offering more Sunday classes? Thanks

  3. kelly says:

    Hi Sam!

    I’m interested in taking the 4 class wednesday series starting Nov 2. Would a canon EOS Rebel T5 would be good. Any recommendation with that over the Nixon D3300.

    Thanks, kelly

  4. Kaustav says:

    Hi Sam,

    Will a Sony RX10 work for your Introduction to Photography class?

  5. T says:

    Hi Sam,
    I do not have a camera, do you have suggestions for a novice?


  6. Steffen says:

    Hi Sam

    I am interested in classes starting Feb 6th. I have a Fuji XT10 camera, would that work?

    Cheers, Steffen

  7. Isabel Mateus says:

    Hi Sam!

    I am interested in your class ” Introduction to Photography” starting next February 6. My camera is an Olympus SP-720UZ 14megapixel. I wonder if it would work.
    I would appreciate your comments!
    Many thanks!

    Isabel Mateus

  8. Jane says:

    Hello Sam,

    I am very interested in your classes and I have a sony nex-5t. Does that satisfy the prerequisite?

    Thank you

  9. Nick says:


    I’m interested in taking your class. However, I don’t have DSLR. Only camera I have is Nikon Coolpix P510.

    Here is the description.

    Should I take the class or should I take it after I got a DSLR?


    • Hi Nick,

      Thank you for your interest in my photography classes.

      Thanks for the link to your camera. I took a look and, although limited in some ways, since it can be worked in manual exposure mode it would be fine for the Introduction to photography class. —->

      By using the camera you have now for the class, you’ll learn camera operation, you’ll get a good foundation in photography and if you decide to get a DSLR (or other type of format) you’ll be more informed as a result of the class to make a good decision on which one to buy.

      Please contact me at 202-531-2344 if you have more questions.

  10. Tom Rogers says:

    i am wanting to take your classes, the only camera i have is my I phone 6 …
    what camera would you recommend i get ? thanks Tom

  11. Rosario says:

    I was wondering if my camera would be ok, it is a nikon one:

  12. Christy says:

    I also have the “will my camera be ok” question 🙂 It’s a FujiFilm XQ1. Thanks!

  13. Bahaa Seireg says:

    Hi Sam,

    I’m interested in enrolling in the March 31 intro class. I just purchased a Sony RX100M3. It’s not on a SLR but it’s a high end point and shoot with manual settings. Would I qualify to take the class.


  14. Amy says:


    I am interested in signing up for this class and recently purchased a Canon EOS Rebel DSLR T5. But I’m not sure whether or not it can be “operated in full manual exposure mode.” Can anyone answer this for me?



  15. Cristina Rios says:

    Hi Sam,

    I’m really interested in taking the Introduction to Photography class that starts tomorrow. However, I’m out of town this weekend. Would it be possible to start next Saturday and make up for the missed class on the next class cycle? I’m not sure what would be the content of the 1st class, but I could maybe review material and come prepared for next class.


    • Hi Cristina,

      Thank you for your interest in my photography classes.

      I would not recommend taking the class if you can not make the first meeting because the first meeting is foundational for the rest of the class.

      If I would have known sooner, I would have said yes, as long as you could have attended the Getting To Know Your Camera class that was offered last evening.

      I hope that you can register for one of the Introduction to Photography classes that start in March.

  16. JE says:

    Hi Sam,

    I’d love to take the Saturday class, starting Feb. 7, but will be away on Feb. 28. Would it be possible to make up that class at the end of one of your March sessions? Thanks!


  17. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I am interested in taking the Saturday morning class, but I will be away on Saturday, the 24th. Would it be possible to join the corresponding Thursday evening class that week?

    Many thanks,

    • Hello,

      Yes, If you are registered for the the Saturday morning class that starts on the 10th. and you miss the meeting on the 24th. You can attend the corresponding Thursdasy evening class (January 22.)

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