Photographic Prints For Your Wall

Learn About Print Quality

Reasonably priced, quality, photographic prints for your walls.

Print orders are completed online and the prints are shipped directly to you upon completion by the lab.

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One comment on “Photographic Prints For Your Wall
  1. samdamico says:

    Sorry I pissed you off Mel, and could you please try to clean up your fucking language on my website?

    I can teach photography because I’m a fairly proficient photographer and I enjoy teaching.

    But, before I was a photographer I was someone who saw.

    I still see everyday, Mel, and I imagine how I would make the picture of what I’m seeing.

    There are times when I wish I had a camera with me.

    It’s not an issue of believing in myself, it’s an issue whether I want to add to my already existing pictures or learn to work with the ones I’ve got.

    Thank you, Mel.


    As a plumber I think that the first thing I’d do is shut off the source valve for the section of plumbing I was gonna’ work on. My plumbing skills are uncertain.

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