Photographers Are Like Neo From The Matrix

Photographers Are Like Neo From The Matrix

Photographers Are Like Neo From The Matrix


This post was inspired by working with photographers during my Introduction To Photography Class


Who’s Neo?

Neo is the main protagonist in the movie The  Matrix.

What’s The Matrix?

As previously mentioned,  The Matrix is a movie. However, in the movie, The Matrix is used to describe the virtual reality that humans are neurally connected as they are utilized a “batteries” to power the Matrix. Because Neo and a group of other humans have freed themselves from The Matrix. As a result, they can see life as it really is. 

At the end of the movie

Neo is able to see things in The Matrix as they are. And since The Matrix is nothing more than a computer generated program, Neo can see everything that he is experiencing as a series of changing binary code. In other words, as “zeroes” and “ones”.

Photographers Are Like Neo From The Matrix

For example, as photographers, we tend to view what we see as disparate.  But things ain’t as different as they seem. What I mean is, we see a person and a building as different. And in a utilitarian sense, they are. However, if we see what we see as the same thing, then we can better understand what we see in terms of photography.

While a building IS a building and a person IS a person, as a photographer we can see them as the same. 

Specifically, instead of seeing things as different “objects” we can see them as light. And in seeing everything as light, we can better understand how to work with it to create our photographs. Just as Neo created his experience by working with the code within The Matrix we can create our photographs by seeing and working with light



Photographers Are Like Neo From The Matrix

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