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Be a Better Photographer!

I know how frustrating it is when we don’t know what we’re doing regarding photography.

We enjoy photography and making pictures, but when we don’t know what we’re doing,
we don’t get the images we want, and then we get so discouraged and want to give it up.
That’s what I did. I gave up photography.

But years later, after I was given a camera that was going unused, my interest was reignited,
and this time I found a good class, taught by a good teacher. And because of the guidance provided
by that teacher, I learned what I was doing, started enjoying making pictures again, decided to
become a professional photographer and then a professional photography teacher.

The lesson here is don’t give up! Find yourself a suitable class with a good teacher.
And, with the guidance of a good teacher and a bit of effort on your part, you can become the best photographer you can be.

I’ve been a photographer since I can remember and a professional photographer since the mid-1980s.
I started helping people be better photographers in 1997 and began teaching photography professionally in 1999.
Remember, that teacher I mentioned before? Let me be to you who they were to me.


Available Ways to Learn With Sam

Outdoor or online one-on-one private instruction

Please be fully vaccinated and follow all CDC and local guidelines if we’re meeting in person.

Currently Scheduled Online Live Group Classes/Webinars

Getting To Know Your Camera

Introduction To Photography

Classes/Webinars Available on Sam’s Online Learning Platform for Photographers

Learn To Think Like A Photographer

Getting To Know Your Camera

Please contact Sam if you have any questions.

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Can’t Get To DC?

Sam can work with you online.

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Study And Practice Photography With Sam

Upcoming Group Photography Classes In Washington DC

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8 thoughts on “Photography Classes In Washington, DC”

  1. Stephen Elliott Brucker

    Hello – I am seeking advice. My wife and I have a young friend who is interested in learning photography as a possible career. She is Ukrainian and lives in Kyiv. She has just completed a masters in English and her spoken and written English is very good. Her desire is to come to the U.S. to study so that she can improve her English and study Spanish as well. Attending a US university is too expensive for her.

    We have offered for her to live with us at our home in Arlington which is one block from the Ballston metro. She is prepared to stay as long as a year or more. Her challenges are to find appropriate courses, an internship (paid or unpaid) and to secure a student visa. She does not seek to stay permanently in the us as she is very close to her family.
    I would very much appreciate if you could offer some advice and suggestions toward meeting her goals. We are prepared to assist and support her in attaining her career goals.
    Thank you most kindly,

    1. Hello Stephen,

      Thank you for your interest in my photography classes.

      First, my apologies for my delayed reply.

      When I received your inquiry early in June I wasn’t sure how to answer your question since due to COVID-19 I was in the process of restructuring my classes to be suited to online instruction
      To answer your question, I’m not sure what advice I can offer, but it would probably be better if we spoke with each other.

      Please give me a call at 202-531-2344.

      Thank you for your patience.

  2. Does your 4 week Introduction to Photography class cover the content offered in your one session Getting to Know Your Camera class or is a basic understanding of how your camera works and its functions a prerequisite to Introduction to Photography Class? My level of expertise is simply point and shoot. Thank you

    1. Hello Tonia,
      Thank you for your interest in my photography classes.
      First, My apologies for my delayed reply.
      When I received your inquiry early in June I wasn’t sure how to answer your question since I needed to evaluate the classes for effectiveness in terms of being taught online.
      However, after a thorough evaluation of the classes, I can feel confident in the effectiveness of the classes.
      To answer your question, the Getting to Know Your Camera class (or equivalent experience) is a prerequisite to the Introduction to Photography class.
      And considering your statement,’My level of expertise is simply point and shoot.” then I would suggest registering for the Getting To Know Your Camera class.
      Please contact me at 202-531-2344 if you have any questions.

    1. Hello Abdel,

      Thank you for your interest in my photography classes.

      The introduction to Photography class is intended to provide the participants with a solid foundation in photography and camera operation in manual exposure mode.

      The Intermediate class requires an understanding and regular practice of what the Introduction class provides.

      To get an idea of what class may be more useful to you, please take this free photography test.

      Best Regards,


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