Photographs That Are “Full Of Life”

Photographs That Are Full Of Life – A blog post based on conversations with photographers

While working with a photographer during the The VERY Basics of Photography – (Sam’s Version Of A Camera-Phone Class), the photographer mentioned a photographer that she knew and then went on to describe that photographers’ work as “full of life”. While I think I know what she’s drivin’ at, I just use a different word. In the same way that photographer uses the words “full of life”, I’ll use the words “vital” or “vitality”.

Without a doubt I think that this happens to be a great conversation to have as photographers because this gets to the crux of “style”.

Photographs that are vital seem to have a certain quality about them, a quality that makes them stand out. But what is that quality and can we get it?

*To the photographer who may realize that this post is based on our conversation.  If I’m misinterpreting what you said please correct me.

Can a Photograph Be Alive?

Unless there’s some mold growing on the picture a picture is a “alive” as words on a piece of paper. But,  a photograph can “feel alive” or, to use my preferred words , “have, or express, vitality”.

Photographs That Are Full Of Life

Photographs that are full of life ALWAYS have vitality. This vitality is a unique human expression. Because of the inherent visual uniqueness in the photograph, the picture stands out as something we’ve never seen before. In addition, if the subject matter hits home with us emotionally, then we get to “feel that vitality”.

It’s that “feeling” that we get that makes the picture feel vital, or “full of life”. Because the only time we’ll ever be able to feel is when we’re alive or full of life. As far as I know, we don’t “feel” when we’re dead.

When we’re creating our pictures, vitality isn’t something we have to “get” because it’s something we’ve already got.

We’re each human but we’re each different AND we’re alive. To put it a different way, we’re each human but we’re each different AND we’re vital. Because none of us thinks about what we see in the same way, that’s the foundation for our unique expressions.  All we gotta do is take out our camera and express ourselves .

While it’s great to appreciate the vitality of another photographers work, we shouldn’t try to become that photographer. Because doing so would cover up our own, unique, vitality.


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Photographs That Are Full Of Life

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