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I'm a professional photographer and professional photography instructor and this is my website. I've done many assignments as a photojournalist (including over 500 assignments for the New York Times), my work has been awarded while being displayed in a few exhibits, and my photography classes were voted the "Best Art Class" of 2018 by the readers of the Washington City Paper.

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"OK, are you serious about improving your photography skills and knowledge? Are you a novice with a camera you can only use in auto, or a new professional wobbly on your feet? You have found your answer. Sam is absolutely incredible. He has an innate knack for explaining complex and vital photography techniques and concepts in the simplest, most digestible manner you could ever imagine. Sam is a vet photographer with years of amazing experience, and in his classes, he generously transfers all of that knowledge to you. It's amazing. I took his first series, already signing up for his second and third. Could not recommend these classes more." Roxie B.

 "Awesome class!! Well-organized, interactive and engaging the small class. I left feeling much more familiar with my camera and excited to practice what I learned. Sam was a great teacher — good-humored, extremely knowledgeable. He wonderfully articulated what we needed to know, and every minute was of great use. Highly recommend!" Michelle

"Having been in education for the last 15 years I am truly impressed with Mr. D’Amico’s teaching style. So many instructors seem as though they are there to talk about themselves or impress you with how much they know and you leave more confused than informed. This was not the case today. The examples and hands-on explanations allowed me to experience metering concepts and for my individual learning style that was critical. I appreciated the patience exhibited and the non-judgmental approach. I can’t wait for the next workshop/class. I am looking forward to it because after today I KNOW I will actually learn whatever the topic is."  Mike Seymour

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