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Washington DC photography classes are offered by Sam D’Amico. Sam’s DC photo classes will help you be a better photographer. He offers digital photography classes, DSLR photography classes, mirrorless camera classes, and film photography classes. Online photography lessons are available too. However you choose to learn with Sam, he’ll help you be your best photographer.

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“Sam D’Amico’s teaching style gently balances his experience and technical expertise with his ability to draw out a student’s own initiatives and interest. He leads without pulling and yet he pushes his students to try new approaches both technically and visually within their photography just for the sake of doing so. Sam shares the love of his own work while being open to learning from his students. All this and he’s just plain fun too.” Karen Elliott Greisdorf, Professional Photographer


Be a Better Photographer!

Study and Practice Photography With Sam in Washington, DC, or Online

  • Small class sizes ensure an excellent learning experience. Private one on one customized instruction is available too.
  • Classes are available for beginning and advanced photographers.
  • You’ll be learning photography directly with Sam D’Amico, an experienced, awarded professional photographer and professional photography teacher.
  • Learn to work your camera effectively and thoughtfully.
  • Begin creating compositions that are uniquely yours.
  • You’ll learn to rely on your mind, instead of a machine, to make photographs.
  • Get out of auto-exposure mode and start making pictures instead of taking pictures.

Take a Photography Class With Sam

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Phone/Text: 202-531-2344


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And I’ll do my best to be of service. I’ll help you be a better photographer, find a picture to decorate your wall, or license a photograph for your editorial or commercial project.

DC photo classes

Roxie Brown photographed Sam D’Amico during Sam’s Intermediate Photography class in Washington, DC. Roxie made the photograph during a portion of the course covering flash and practiced a technique known as “bounce flash.”

Be a Better Photographer!

Washington DC Photography Classes and Online Instruction


Available Ways to Learn Photography With Sam


Washington DC  Photography Classes

Learn To Think Like A Photographer

Getting To Know Your Camera

Introduction To Photography

Intermediate Photography

DC Private Photography Lessons

Online Private Photography Instruction 


Self-Paced Classes/Webinars Available on Sam’s Online Learning Platform for Photographers

Learn To Think Like A Photographer

Getting To Know Your Camera

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Student Comments about Sam’s Washington DC Photography Classes and Online Instruction

They Said…

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“OK, are you serious about improving your photography skills and knowledge? Are you a novice with a camera you can only use in auto, or a new professional wobbly on your feet? You have found your answer. Sam is absolutely incredible. He has an innate knack for explaining complex and vital photography techniques and concepts in the simplest, most digestible manner you could ever imagine. Sam is a vet photographer with years of amazing experience, and in his classes, he generously transfers all of that knowledge to you. It’s amazing. I took his first series, already signing up for his second and third.
Could not recommend these classes more.”
photography classes
Roxie B.
“Awesome class!! Well-organized, interactive and engaging the small class. I left feeling much more familiar with my camera and excited to practice what I learned. Sam was a great teacher — good-humored, extremely knowledgeable. He wonderfully articulated what we needed to know, and every minute was of great use. Highly recommend!”Michelle
“Having been in education for the last 15 years I am truly impressed with Mr. D’Amico’s teaching style. So many instructors seem as though they are there to talk about themselves or impress you with how much they know and you leave more confused than informed. This was not the case today. The examples and hands-on explanations allowed me to experience metering concepts and for my individual learning style that was critical. I appreciated the patience exhibited and the non-judgmental approach. I can’t wait for the next workshop/class. I am looking forward to it because after today I KNOW I will actually learn whatever the topic is.” Mike Seymour


About Sam’s Photography Lessons

Sam D’Amico, a professional photographer and photography instructor, helps anyone who wants to be a better photographer. He’ll work with his students to increase their understanding of camera operation, light, and lighting. 

Sam started as a professional photographer in the mid-1980s and began teaching photography professionally in 1999. His photographs received awards in shows, and his photography classes were voted the “Best of DC” by the readers of the Washington City Paper. 

During Sam’s DC photo classes you won’t be taught any tips or tricks or be limited by “rules” of composition that create homogenized, rigid photographs. Instead, Sam teaches about camera operation,  elements of composition light, and compositional intent. This approach to teaching allows his students to use ANY camera (yes, even the camera on their phone) and break free of the rules of composition. Approaching the creative process this way allows for fluid and spontaneous photographs unique to the photographer creating them.

Some Words From Sam About His Photography Lessons in Washington, D, C and Remote Instruction

I’m a professional photographer and professional photography instructor. Working mainly as a photojournalist, I’ve done a lot of work (including over 500 jobs for the New York Times). My exhibited work received awards, and my photography classes were voted the “Best Art Class” in 2022 and 2018 by the readers of the Washington City Paper.

Since I can remember, I’ve been interested in photography. I’ve been a professional photographer since the mid-1980s. I started helping friends be better photographers in 1997. I began teaching photography professionally in 1999 and started teaching my DC photo classes in 2003.

I know how frustrating it is when we don’t know what we’re doing regarding photography.

We enjoy photography and making pictures, but when we don’t know what we’re doing, we don’t get the images we want, and then we get discouraged and want to give up.

I know. Because that’s what I did, I gave up photography.

But years later, I reignited my interest after being given a camera that was going unused. But this time, I found an excellent class taught by a good teacher. And because of the guidance provided by that teacher, I learned what I was doing, started enjoying making pictures again, and decided to become a professional photographer and then a professional photography teacher.

The lesson here is don’t give up! Find yourself a suitable class with a good teacher. And, with a good teacher’s guidance and effort, you can become the best photographer you can be.

Remember that teacher I mentioned before? I want to be to you who they were to me.

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