Rights Managed Stock Photography

rights managed stock photography – Original photography licensed for commercial and editorial use.


rights managed stock photography

What is stock photography?

In brief, stock photography is a supply of photographs made avaialble for licensing for specific uses.

A brief history of stock photography.

Furthermore many people think that the stock photigraohy industry is a relatively new industry, this isn’t so.

On the contrary to what most peoople thunk, the stock photigtrhy insdustry has been around since the 1920’s.

And while the industry  has been around for awhile, new licensing models and ways to dstribute and license work have arisoen. This has been posible because of the interrent.

Licensing models of  stock photography

Public Domain (PD)

In sum, works in the public domain means that the exclisive intellectual propert rights have expired, are innaplicable  or have beeb forfeited.

In other words anyone can use these works for whetever reason, with no licensing fee being charged.

Royalty-free (RF)

This licensing model provides the user/licensor with the rights to use the work withiut many restreictions based on a one-time paymwent to the licensor.

This allows the user of the picture to use it over and over again withoiut havieng to pay for additioinal licenses for those uses.

RF licenses can not be offered on an exclusive basis.

Sometimes, this can be a problem for the users of the images. Because, since the images have no “exclusivity” the same image can be used by multiple users at the same time.

Rights-managed (RM)

In contrast to RF, Rights-manged licensing requires an individual, one-time limited use license to be purchased for each use of the work.

This is an  exlcusive license and insures that the use of the work will be will be exclusive to the user based on the specifics of the license.

In other words, the  image can only be used by the person/company licensing the image and  can inly be used in the way specified on the licesne. 

The pros and cons of licensing stock photography

Without doubt, stock photography has it’s pros and cons.

With this in mind, I’ll kep my opjnion brief and link to a more comprehensive article at the end of this section.

RF Stock

First, with RF stock, brand idientity can be an issue because with RF stock the license is not exclusive.  And the same image(s) being used by one entirty can be used by another. Bacuase of this the ads/campaigns from one company can look and feel similar to the ads/campaigns of another.

However, if brand identy isn’t an issue, RF licensing is realtively inexpensive.

RM Stock

Second, with RM stock, depending on the use, the licensing  fee can be pricey.

However, the exclusivity offered in the RM model provides the user with the assutance that the picture can only be used by the licinsor in the way sepecified on the license. In additoon, the exclusivity keeps brand identity throughout the period of the  licensing.

And here’s a link to a miore comprehensive article..  https://www.thebalancecareers.com/the-case-for-and-against-stock-photography-38444




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rights managed stock photography

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