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Meet With Sam Via An Online Meeting

Private, customized, photography lessons for individuals or groups. Our meeting is based on your specific goals. We’ll be meeting online using online meeting technology. The technology I use is simple to use and, as long as we’ve got a good internet connection, we’ll be good to go.

Please contact Sam to make arrangements for your customized photography instruction.

Here’s the link for more information and pricing.!/Private-Photography-Lessons-When-Meeting-Online/p/93709495/category=11599021

Photography Lessons Available On This Website

Who Could/Should Use The Photography Lessons  That Are Available On Sam’s Website

The online photography lessons can be used by photographers who are currently studying photography in person with Sam D’Amico as a supplement to their studies or the lessons can be used by anyone who wants to study photography online, at their own pace.

Getting Access To The Online Lessons Available On This Website.

The online photography lessons that are available on this website are either:

  1. Available to anyone. No subscription needed. No fee to view.
  2. Paid subscription needed to view.  Marked as (Subscribers Only)

Here’s The Lessons

  • Using Your Owners Manual Effectively – Online Photography Lesson

    • Before you learn photography you’ve got to become familiar with the tools/equipment (camera, lens, flash, etc. ) that you use to do photography. That’s where the owners manuals to the equipment that you use comes in. WATCH THE VIDEO —>
  • Being A Photographer

    • This foundational online photography course is based on Sam’s  “Being A Photographer” class in Washington DC. By paying attention to what we’re doing as a photographer, in terms of seeing  and recording what we see as a photograph, we will create more thoughtfully composed photographs. We’ll become aware of what we do with our eyes, mind and cameras to to get the best composition we can with whatever camera we have.

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  1. Carol Wilson says:

    Good Morning:

    I am thinking about taking your class on using the portable flash and am requesting access to the online test.


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