Gift Certificates For The Photographer

Gift Certificates For The Photographer

Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC. Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC.  

“Sam D’Amico’s teaching style gently balances his experience and technical expertise with his ability to draw out a student’s own initiatives and interest. He leads without pulling and yet he pushes his students to try new approaches both technically and visually within their photography just for the sake of doing so. Sam shares the love of his own work while being open to learning from his students. All this and he’s just plain fun too.” Karen Elliott Greisdorf, Professional Photographer



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Looking for a gift for a photographer?

If you know a photographer, I will bet that they’ve got plenty of equipment or, maybe, it’s just a camera. However, chances are good that they struggle with knowing how to work the equipment that they have.

And speaking from personal experience from when I was beginning to explore photography, usually, we struggle most with the camera. And when we have difficulty with camera operation, our compositions are not the best they could be. Additionally, photographers do best when they understand light and lighting.

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What’s the best gift to give a photographer?

We (photographers) often think that more or “better” equipment is needed to become better photographers. And yet, in most cases, nothing can be further from the truth. Because we can learn a lot about photography from whatever camera we own, even if it’s the camera on our phone or a point-and-shoot.

So, if the last thing a photographer needs is more equipment what do they need?

In short, learning about photography, composition, camera operation, light, and lighting will benefit photographers the most. So, in terms of choices for gifts for the photographer, often the best gifts are the ones that will help us learn.

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Instant Gift Certificates

Instead of getting more gear for the photographer in your life, get them a gift certificate so they can learn to use the equipment they already have about all the things photographers need to know. Because by doing so, you’ll help them become better photographers. And as a result, they’ll make better pictures.

And getting the photographer in your life a gift certificate for photography instruction with Sam D’Amico will ensure they’ll be getting an excellent education from a seasoned photographer and photography teacher.

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Why not just purchase a specific photography class?

I’d advise against purchasing a specific photography class as a gift for many reasons. But here are three that I think are most important:

    • Instead of purchasing a specific class/course of instruction as a gift, buying a gift certificate allows the most flexibility.
    • Giving a gift certificate ensures that the receiver can choose the type of instruction and schedule that best suits them.
    • The gift certificate recipient can contact Sam to discuss what course of instruction would benefit them and then pick any photography instruction Sam offers.

If you have any questions please contact Sam. (A phone call would be preferred.)

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About the instant gift certificates

  •  “The Gift Card Cafe,” Sam’s authorized gift certificate service, securely and conveniently produces and delivers gift certificates instantly, online, 24/7.
  • Recipients of the gift certificate redeem their gift through Sam’s Website.
  • All gift certificates are good for two years from the date of purchase.
  • Gift certificates are suitable for any type of photography instruction that Sam offers.


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