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Be a better photographer! Sam D’Amico offers online and in-person classes, courses, and private/customized photography instruction. Whether you’re a beginning photographer, an advanced practitioner, or somewhere in between, Sam can help you be a better photographer. 

Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC. Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC.  

“Sam D’Amico’s teaching style gently balances his experience and technical expertise with his ability to draw out a student’s own initiatives and interest. He leads without pulling and yet he pushes his students to try new approaches both technically and visually within their photography just for the sake of doing so. Sam shares the love of his own work while being open to learning from his students. All this and he’s just plain fun too.” Karen Elliott Greisdorf, Professional Photographer


Photography Classes and Photography Courses Offered by Sam

In-Person or Online One-on-One Private Instruction.
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In-Person  Group Classes
COVID-19 Notice! Please be vaccinated and follow all CDC and local guidelines.

 Classes/Webinars Available on Sam’s Online Learning Platform for Photographers

Don’t hesitate to contact Sam if you have any questions.

Other Ways to Work With Sam

While this is not the same as studying photography with Sam in the previous ways, they’re better than nothing and give you a good idea of how he teaches.

Get on Sam’s e-mail list —When you get on Sam’s e-mail list, you’ll receive a weekly e-mail that will keep you thinking about your photography practice and up to date on upcoming photography classes. If you’ve already subscribed, thank you.

Photography Classes and Photography Courses

Because there are various ways to learn photography with Sam, you’ll have plenty of flexibility when it comes to your studies and practice. On the one hand, you can work with him in one of his group photography classes or photography courses in Washington, DC. You can do a private lesson with him or even a series of private lessons at a discount. On the other hand, you can work with him online. However, if you choose to work with Sam, you’ll be working with a teacher who’s a seasoned photographer and photography teacher. And has a knack for transferring what he knows quickly to students.

Some Words From Sam

Should You Study and Practice Photography with Me?

While that’s an excellent question to ask, I don’t know. In addition, it’s a question that we both need to answer. But we can’t answer that question without some preliminary work. Because we probably don’t even know each other, it’s probably a good idea to get to know a bit about each other before we start workin’ together. In other words, you want to know if what I do can help you, and I want to ensure that I can help you. Below you’ll find some of my thoughts about photography instruction and suggestions on ways you can contact me so we can start working together.

Some Thoughts about Photography Teachers

I’ve taken several photography classes and courses during my studies and practice.  And based on my experience working with teachers who’ve taught me photography, my mileage, so to speak, has varied. In other words, I seemed to learn more when working with some teachers than others.

I Wouldn’t Label Teachers as “Good” Or “Bad.”

Each teacher has their way as a photographer and their way as a teacher. Furthermore, I seem to resonate with some teachers and some I don’t. In other words, I either connect with a teacher or I don’t connect with a teacher.

And to clarify, I’m not saying that I didn’t learn ANYTHING from the teachers with who I didn’t connect. Because there was something to be learned in ALL the classes I took, some teachers profoundly influenced my studies and practice, which affected who I am when I’m a photographer and who I am when being a photography teacher.

Teachers That Provide Structure and Guidance

The teachers that I resonate with don’t seem to be teachers. They seem to act more as guides during their photography classes and courses, making me think about how I study and practice photography. They don’t tell me what to do or how to do something. The teachers talk, and I listen. I make some notes and ask some questions.

Then they suggest ways to put into practice what they covered during class. They teach in such a way that allows me to find my path as a photographer, and in finding my way as a photographer, I become the best photographer I can be. And as a result of my experience with photography teachers, I teach like the teachers with who I resonate.

Photography Classes and Photography Courses – What’s the Difference?

In brief, from my perspective, a photography teacher’s perspective, a class is a one-meeting event. In contrast, a course is a series of lessons.

What Matters When It Comes To Photography Classes and Photography Courses?

Photography Schools

When I began studying photography, I went to schools that taught photography as part of their curriculum. I started at a local community college, and then, as my studies got more specific and intensive, I went to schools that taught visual arts.

I soon learned that schools were just structures. And while schools may have reputations, the thing that drives that reputation is the teachers who teach there. In other words, schools are places to go to learn from teachers. But the teacher in the school matters most when it comes to our learning.

Photography Teachers

As I previously stated, when it comes to our learning,  I think the teacher is more important than the school where they teach.

In some cases, when I signed up for classes, I didn’t know who would lead the class because there seemed to be no opportunity to speak with the teacher before taking the course. In other words, it was a crap shoot in terms of whether I would connect with the teacher. Consequently, talking with a teacher before taking a class is essential.

What’s Taught Vs. How Taught

While many teachers may teach the same subject, HOW they teach is what’ll be working for you or not.

So, back to the question at hand. Should you study and practice photography with me? Maybe you should, and maybe you shouldn’t.

But let’s find out.

Can I Work with You as a Photography Teacher?

Since I’m not a “photography school,” you can talk with me, “the teacher,” directly. And I’ll talk with you about the classes and courses I offer. But more importantly, I want to discuss what you’d like to get from working with me.

We’ll talk about what you’re currently doing as a photographer, what equipment you’re using, and why you’d like to take a class. And during our conversation, we’ll discover whether you should take a class with me.

Because, If we resonate/connect, there’s a good chance we should be working together. And if you decide to work with me, I’ll do my best to “teach,” and I expect you to do your best to “learn.”

So, if that sounds good to you, that’s GREAT!!! And so we can get going, contact me; a phone call is preferred.

So,  all we need to do now is discuss which photography classes and courses I offer best serve you.
And thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your consideration.

Which Way of Learning Is Best for You?

Evaluation Forms
Please fill out the forms and include your phone number when completing the Photography Instruction Strategy Questionnaire.

Any Questions?

I prefer phone calls because I enjoy talking about photography and getting to know the photographers I’ll be working with. But, of course, do whatever you’d prefer.



Photography Classes And Photography Courses
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Photography Classes And Photography Courses

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  1. I’ve taken some private lessons with Sam. While I had a basic understanding, as it turned out very basic, understanding of the elements of photography, Sam was able to build upon my understanding of photography and point out where my understanding was incorrect or incomplete. He was able to do all of this in a friendly, casual way without it being in a condescending manner. Highly recommended for the beginning or moderately experienced photographer.

  2. Asking about classes and what is needed to register and is job placment provided and when are the classes arranged and where is D.C. THNKS and i love taking photos of friends and family and one day maybe i can become a NFL cameraman you know

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