I Wanna Be A (Fill In The Blank) Photographer

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I Wanna Be A (Fill In The Blank) Photographer

There’s a lot of specialization in photography. With that in mind, we tend to wanna be a “type” of photographer. Because we wanna be a “specialized” photographer we gotta learn what’s involved in our specialty.

Maybe we wanna be a sports photographer. Perhaps nature photography is our bag. If we’re  a people person then maybe we’ll enjoy portraiture. Like events? Then maybe wedding photography is for us. Are we   a foodie? We might find food photography is what we hunger to do.  We can be any type of photographer that we wanna be.  But we gotta go through the process of becoming that photographer.

So, How Do We Become The Photographer That We Wanna Be?

In short, we gotta do the work we wanna do. In other words, if we wanna be a sports photographer we go photograph sports. If we can’t get access to major league sporting events, we can go photograph sports at a local high school to start. Maybe we wanna be a wildlife photographer? We can go on safari to our nearest zoo. If we ain’t near a zoo, birds, squirrels, deer and even pets will do.  Perhaps we wanna be a food photographer? Then we photograph what we’re eatin’.  What we’ll learn by doing is invaluable. Nothing beats learning by doing.

Probably, we can find classes that specialize in these types of photography. On the other hand those classes my be taken prematurely.  Maybe they’re not even needed.

If we wanna be a specific type of photographer then wa gotta be a plain ole photographer first. To put it another way, while all of those are different types of photography are different, they all  all require us to be a proficient photographer first.


Learn how to be a photographer first. After we become capable photographers, we can be any type of photographer that we want.

Prioritize. Be a photographer first. Fill in the blank later. If we do it the other way around then we risk being bad at what we wanna be good at.

Furthermore, I imagine that all of us wanna be the best photographers that we can be. But remember, we gotta be a photographer first.



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I Wanna Be A Fill In The Blank Photographer

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