What Are The Best Exposure Settings In DSLR Cameras?

What Are The Best Exposure Settings In DSLR Cameras?

What Are The Best Exposure Settings In DSLR Cameras



The Background For This Blog Post

While this question comes up frequently and is addressed, in the Introduction to Photography class. It is also addressed in the Intermediate Photography class because in the Intermediate Photography class we begin to become more light-centric.

Exposure Settings

Exposure settings include an aperture (f-stop) and shutter speed.  While these settings control the tonality of our picture they also affect other visual aspects of our picture. 

ISO Settings

ISO settings also control the tonality of our photograph. In addition, as in exposure, ISO controls an additional visual aspect. However, I separate ISO from exposure because ISO deals with light sensitivity. And while ISO can influence exposure, I consider it as separate from exposure. 

So, What Are The Best Exposure Settings In DSLR Cameras?

Restricting the settings to exposure is limiting because we can, and should, also include ISO when considering settings. In addition, restricting this discussion to DSLR cameras is also limiting. Instead, we can apply this to ANY camera we are using. 

Here’s the answer that seems to disappoint everyone.  Considering this question, there are no “best exposure settings”.  Because the exposure and ISO settings are dependent.  Specifically, the settings are dependent on what we are photographing and the intent of our composition. And since what we photograph varies our compositional intent also varies.  Considering the variety of what we photograph and the variance of our intent of composition we are best served by allowing a generalized idea of “best camera settings” that applies to all of our photographs to fall by the wayside.


What Are The Best Exposure Settings In DSLR Cameras

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