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Below you’ll find a list of photography classes, and brief descriptions of those classes, that are currently being offered in Washington DC. Click on the link in the brief description to be brought to a more detailed class description and registration page.

Beyond the classes that are displayed on this page, you can see an overview of the types of photography instruction that Sam offers here —> https://samdamico.com/study-practice-photography-sam/

Need help in selecting the best class/type of instruction for you? Contact Sam. https://samdamico.com/contact-sam/

Upcoming Group Classes

Foundational Classes (Basic Studies and Practice)

The VERY Basics of Photography

This hands-on, 90 minute class, is intended to get the participants familiar with light and the tool that we use to make a photograph (a camera). We’ll talk about light as subject and what we do with our camera on a base level (Framing, focusing, metering and exposure.) to create photographic compositions with intention. This is a very basic class and is geared to photographers regardless of camera or experience.
Click the link to learn more about this class and to register.

Getting To Know Your Camera

This hands-on, three-hour workshop is intended to introduce basic photographic principals that will allow the participant to understand how their camera works. Aperture, shutter speed, light sensitivity (ISO/ASA), lenses, focusing modes, camera metering and automatic vs. manual exposure settings will be explained and related to the participant’s camera. By the time the class is over you will know the capabilities of your camera and have a basic understanding of photography.
Click the link to learn more about this class and to register.

Introduction To Photography

By working your camera in fully manual exposure mode throughout the class, you will become thoroughly familiar with basic camera operation and will learn to use your camera settings and features as elements of effective photographic composition. Class includes in-class lectures/discussion, in-class practical application exercises, homework assignments and weekly self-critiques.
Click the link to learn more about this class and to register.

Intermediate Photography

The intent of the class is to deepen the participant’s visual vocabulary and sensitivity while making personal and distinctive photographs. Already having acquired basic SLR camera photography skills, participants in this class will continue to reinforce the fundamentals and hone their technique by producing and examining photographs on a weekly basis. Some of the topics to be explored will be: deepening your compositions, characteristics of light, effective use of flash, difficult metering situations; creative use of color balance/white balance and color temperature.
Click the link to learn more about this class and to register.

Advanced Studies And Practice

Monthly Ongoing Study And Practice Support Meetings

These ongoing, monthly meetings,  are not like Sam’s photography classes that have a beginning and an end.
This is an ongoing, monthly, meeting that was created at the suggestion of photographers who wanted to continue to work with Sam beyond the Introduction and Intermediate photography classes that he offers in Washington DC.
Each meeting is an open forum for discussions and is an opportunity for the attending photographers to get guidance related to their individual studies and practice from Sam and the other attending photographers.
Click the link to learn more about this class and to register.

Please read the registration terms and conditions for photography classes before  registering for any class.

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14 comments on “Upcoming Group Photography Classes In Washington DC
  1. Ayo says:

    I dont know anything about photography,I suddenly developed interest in it. How long will it take me to master the skills because I intend to make it a source of livelihood.

    • If ya don’t know anything about photography how can you be sure you want to make it a source of livelihood?

      Study and practice photography. Be a photographer first.

      If you like being a photographer, then maybe you’d like being a professional photographer.

  2. Mark O'Neill says:

    I am very interested in taking your classes however, I am in a wheelchair and was wondering how accessible the building is where the classes are held? Thank You

  3. Alice Burton says:

    I am thinking I would like to take your photography class starting this Friday. I have been taking photos for many years and have stored on my computer. They are a combination of nature, travel and grandkids and family. also steet photography. I am rusty on manual procedures and would like to get back to those . Also I would like help sorting out photos and making afew books. Would your class be a start with either of these goals.

  4. Aysha Castillero says:

    I would like star in march 2

  5. Kelsey says:

    Getting to Know Your Camera, 6/3

  6. Hello.
    I am a beginner photographer who knows how to work the camera a bit, but would like to learn more about exposure, composition and lighting. I am interested on a fast workshop as I am leaving the country in two months. I would prefer 1:1 sessions. How much does it cost? When can we have these? and Where would we have the classes?

    Thank you.

  7. LEONARD says:

    I would like some more info on your Intro Photo on June 1.
    Will it help someone like me?I have been collecting pictures with all kinds of cameras for 45yrs, and now have thousands of non-professional taken pictures. For Christmas I got a Canon Rebel T4i to take better pictures as I travel the world, Yes! I am retired. Now I want to capture my life on film, past, present, to the end.

    Thank You

    • samdamico says:

      Hello Leonard,

      Thank you for your interest in my photography classes.

      Before we can determine if the class would be helpful, I’d like to know more about your photography practice.

      Can you please give me a call at 202-559-7981?

      If I don’t answer, please leave a message with your phone number. I’ll call you as soon as I can.

      Thank you.

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