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Photography Classes And Photography Courses




Photography Classes And Photography Courses

Work With Sam In Person In Washington DC.

You can study photography face to face with Sam in one of his regularly scheduled group classes or you can do a private lesson.
Learn more about studying photography in Washington, DC here —>

Work With Sam Online From Wherever You Are (As long as there’s a good internet connection).

If you’re nowhere near Washington DC, or just don’t feel like leaving wherever you are in Washngton, DC, Sam can also work with you via the interwebs with a online meeting platform. He also has online lessons available on his website.
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Here’s Some Other Ways To Work With Sam

While these are not the same as studying photography with Sam as the previous ways, they’re better than nuthin’ and will give you a good idea about the way he teaches.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn with Sam During His Photography Classes And Photography Courses

  • Photography.
  • Your camera.
  • Light.
  • Composition.

Why Study and Practice Photography With Sam?

Hi, this is Sam. Here’s the simple answer. Maybe ya should and maybe ya shouldn’t.

Ok, maybe the answer ain’t that simple.

Some Thoughts About Photography Teachers

Here’s the thing. Based on my experience with working with “teachers” who’ve “taught” me photography my mileage, so to speak, has varied. In other words, I seem to learn more when working with some teachers when compared to others. I wouldn’t label teachers as “good” or “bad”.  Each teacher has their own way as photographers and their own way as teachers. To put a finer point on It, I seem to resonate with some teachers and some I don’t. To put it another way I either connect with a teacher or I don’t connect with a teacher.

Not to say that I didn’t learn ANYTHING from the teachers I didn’t connect with. There was something to be learned in ALL the classes that I took, but some teachers  had a profound influence on my studies and practice and that influence has  lasted to this day in terms of  who I am when I’m being a photographer and who I am when being a photography teacher, these are the teachers I resonated with.

Teachers That Provide Structure And Guidance

The teachers that I resonate with don’t seem to be teachers. They seem to be acting more as guides who get me to think about photography and how I study and practice photography. They don’t tell me what to do or how to do something. The teachers talk, I listen.  I make some notes and ask some questions. Then they suggest ways to put into practice what they’ve talked about. They teach in such a way that allows me to find my own way as a photographer and in finding my own way as a photographer I become the best photographer that I can be.

I teach like the teachers that I resonate with.

Photography Classes And Photography Courses – What’s The Difference?

From my perspective, which is the perspective of  of a photography teacher, there is no difference. It’s just two differnt words.

What REALLY Matters When It Comes To Picking A Photography Class?

Photography Schools

When I began studying photography I went to schools that taught photography as part of their curriculum. I started at a local community college and then, as my studies got more specific and intensive, I went to schools that taught “visual arts”.

What I soon learned that “schools” were just structures. In other words,  schools are places to go in order to learn from teachers.  While, schools may have  reputations, the thing that drives that reputation is the teachers who teach in the school.

Photography Teachers

To me, the teacher is more important than the school that they teach in.  When I signed up for classes, beyond the course description in the catalog, I didn’t have much to go on in terms of who would be teaching the class since there seemed to be no opportunity to speak with the teacher before taking the class.
It was a crap-shoot in terms of whether I would connect with the teacher or not. This is why I think it’s important, to talk with a teacher before taking a class. While many teachers may teach the same subject, HOW they teach is what’ll be working for ya or not.

So, back to the question at hand. Why study and practice photography with me? The answer I gave at the beginning remains the same.  Maybe ya should and maybe ya shouldn’t.

But lets find out.

Can I Work With You As A Photography Teacher?

Since I ain’t a “photography school” you can talk with me, “the teacher” directly. I can, of course, talk with you about the  photography classes and photography courses I offer. But more importantly, I wanna talk with you about what you’d like to get out of learnin’ about photography.

We’ll have a good talk about what you’re doin’ as a photographer now and why you’d like to take a class. I wanna know what you’re doin’, why you’re doin’ it and what you’re doin’ it with (your camera and other equipment).

In our conversation we’ll discover whether you should take a class with me or not. Because, If we resonate/connect there’s a good chance that we should be working together. And if ya decide to work with me I’ll do my best to “teach” and all I expect from you is that  you’ll do your best to “learn”.

So, if that sounds good to you that’s…


Here’s my contact information. A phone call is preferred.

Thanks for takin’ the time to read this and thank you for  your consideration.

If ya want to, fill out this questionnaire

Please fill out the quick questionnaire below to help determine your best course of photography instruction. 

Got questions about Photography Classes And Photography Courses?  Contact  Sam.

He prefers phone calls because he enjoys talkin’ about photography and he enjoys getting to know who’ll he be workin’ with, but do whatever you’d prefer. –>

Other Important Information About The Sam D’Amico Photography Classes

Frequently asked, questions, direction to the classes, pricing, etc.
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Photography Classes And Photography Courses

Study And Practice Photography With Sam

Upcoming Group Photography Classes In Washington DC

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