The Importance of Getting To Know Your Camera

The Importance of Getting To Know Your Camera

The Importance of Getting To Know Your Camera

The Background For This Blog Post

This post is related to discussions that happen during the Getting To Know Your Camera Class.

What’s a Camera And Is There A Difference Between Cameras ?

A Camera Is…

A camera is a tool we use to make photographs. Actually, as photographers, we all use the same tool but the way the tool operates varies. But, here’s the upside, once you know what a camera does, you can apply that knowledge to any camera.

Is There A Difference Between Cameras?

Yes and no. While cameras vary in format and operation, they don’t vary in what they are. And what they are is a tool to make photographs. In other words, they’re all light recording tools.

The Importance of Getting To Know Your Camera

Here’s the thing, in a way, once you know what you’re doin’ with one camera, you know what your doin’ with ALL cameras. But here’s where the confusion can arise. While we’re doin’ the same thing with the same tool, your camera, unless it’s the same make and model, operates differently than my camera. But don’t let that throw ya. If we were to swap cameras, but know what we’re doin’ when it comes to usin’ a camera, we could figure out how to do what we need to do with the camera to make the pictures that we want. However, keeping in mind the limitations of the camera. And, assuming we had access to support materials, such as the owners manual to the camera, we’d be workin’ that camera in no time and makin’ the best possible pictures that we could.


The Importance of Getting To Know Your Camera

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