What are some things that every photographer should know?

What are some things that every photographer should know?

What are some things that every photographer should know




What are some things that every photographer should know?

While there’s a lot of things to know about photography, as photographers, I think we can break it down into four “main things”.

How to observe and FEEL light.

As humans, as long as our eyes are working, we’re always observing light.

In addition, we’re always feeling light.

But, as photographers, it’s a good practice to describe the light that we observe. In addition, it’s a good practice to observe how the light “FEELS”. 

How to operate our camera.

In other words, if we use a camera, we gotta learn to operate it.

With this in mind, that doesn’t mean we gotta learn EVERYTHING that the camera does.

However, we gotta learn to work the camera in a manner that allows us to do the work that we wanna do. 

The intent of our composition.

To put it another way, the intent of composition is what we want our picture to look like. 

For example, when we see something to photograph we usually have an idea of what we want our photograph to look like. 

THAT is the intent of composition.

The intent of our photograph.

In short, what’s the use of the photograph?

Considering this, my photographs are for either business or personal use. 

In addition, I can break down business use into more “uses”.

For example, the pictures for business are editorial or commercial in use.

And to break that down further,  editorial uses are photojournalism or fiction. 

Likewise, the same breakdown process applies for commercial uses.  Because not only are there different uses, there are different markets. 



What are some things that every photographer should know

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