Photography Is Not…

Cameras, lenses and equipment. These are tools to help you make photographs.

Photography is not f-stops shutter speeds and ISO or other technical matters. These things help you to refine your composition.

Photography is not about equipment or technical mastery.

There are plenty of mundane photographs created with expensive equipment and by photographers who excel technically but fail to communicate their personal intent.

Photography is the recording of light.

Good photography is the recording of light with the intent to communicate.

At its best photography can inform us of facts or allow us to express ourselves.

The most important part of photography is you and what you intended to do by creating a photograph.

Photography is about the training of the mind to use a camera and your technical skill to communicate your intent effectively.

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2 thoughts on “Photography Is Not…”

  1. I totaly agree with this
    A photo with out of point
    is like a body with out of soul
    and i found it last week that even the expression on somebodys eyes can transmit and revail something special about that persons soul.

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