How do we make the most as photographers?

How do we make the most as photographers?

How do we make the most as photographers

How do we make the most as photographers?

Because I’m interpreting this question in a couple of different ways, I’ll address both. 

As an avocation (hobby)

All in all, Id’ say that the hobbyist makes the most as a photographer by simply enjoying the act of making a picture.

However, some photographers enjoy studying and practicing photography to improve their work.  To be clear, they enjoy their photography too, but they wanna raise their skill level.  Of course, these photographers are also making the most as photographers within the context of their studies and practice. 

As a vocation (business)

On the other hand, the professional photographer is everything that the hobbyist is. However, the professional has made their photographs about money too. 

In other the words, the professional photographer does their work for love AND money. 

As I’ve said, the professional photographer makes the most by doing their best work and finding ways to get paid for their work. 

In a way, professional photographers make the most as a photographer in two ways.

One, in enjoying their work

And two by being paid for the work they enjoy doing.

But, in the case of the hobbyists and professionals, it all starts with the making of the picture.

Remember it’s all about the picture that we create and if we feel we got the most out of ourselves as a photographer.

So, how do we make the most as photographers?

In short, we make the most as photographers by making the most out of each photograph. 



How do we make the most as photographers

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