Using The Owners Manual to Your Camera Effectively

Using The Owners Manual to Your Camera Effectively

Using The Owners Manual to Your Camera Effectively


The camera is the tool we use to make photographs. 
And in order to be the best photographers that we can be we need to learn to use the tool that we use to make pictures.
That’s where our owners manual comes in. 
But here’s the rub.
The owners manual that came in the box with your camera may not be the best version of your manual to use. 
Watch this video.
And then, if you’d like read, the rest of this post.


Why The Owners Manual To Your Camera Is Important

Do you wanna be a better photographer? Then, get to know how to work your camera. Wanna know how to work your camera? Then learn how to use your owners manual effectively. In other words, we gotta know how to work our camera, so we can use our camera to its fullest potential. And, in working our camera to the fullest potential we get to make the best picture possible. This is why using the owners manual to your camera effectively is so important.

A Word, Or Several, About Digital Cameras

Here’s more on why the owners manual to your camera is important. Because digital cameras ain’t just cameras. In addition to being cameras, they’re computers. And just like different computers have different operating systems, different cameras have different operating systems. In addition, there’s different menus, and sub-menus and viewing screens, and functions and… In other words, there’s a lotta stuff to learn about operating our digital cameras.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

While there’s a lot to learn about our camera, we don’t need to learn everything. Because all we need to learn is the functions on our camera that will allow us to do the kind of work we want to do. That’s where the owners manual to our camera comes in.

As an example, I’ve got a small Swiss Army Knife. And there’s a bunch of tools on the knife. However, I don’t use every tool on the knife. But, I know how to use the tools I need. In fact, I didn’t even know what some of the tools were for. So, I had to read the owners manual for my small, Swiss Army Knife.

How To Use The Owners Manual Effectively

Since there’s a lot of functions on digital cameras, there’s a lot of information in the owners manual for the camera. As previously stated, we don’t need to learn everything. On the other hand, we do need to learn to use our camera in a way that suits us. In addition, the front of the manual and the back of the manual (the index) are useful as guides. Specifically, we use these parts of the manual to direct us to pages in the manual when we need to learn about camera operation and functions.





Using The Owners Manual to Your Camera Effectively

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