Online Photography Courses And Classes-How To Find The Best One(s) For You.

Online Photography Courses And Classes


Online Photography Courses And Classes


While working with photographers in my classes, the subject of online photography courses and tutorials often comes up. While speaking with them, all say that learning photography online in the usual ways doesn’t get them where they want to be in terms of understanding and skill. As a result, they wind up taking a class with me. I get that. We try to teach ourselves, but then we realize we need help.

When I began studying photography, the internet wasn’t much of an option. As a result, my learning resources were the owner’s manual for my camera and some books. I wasn’t getting anywhere except frustrated. Due to my frustration and, more importantly, my desire to learn to be a better photographer, I took a few classes at a community college. Because of my studies and practice with teachers, I started to be a better photographer. As a result of being a better photographer, I lost my frustration and found something I enjoyed doing AND was good at. Consequently, I loved doing photography so much that I figured I’d give it a go as a profession”.

When I ask photographers what they’ve learned from their online studies and how they’ve incorporated their studies into their practice, the language that I hear is what I’d call unclear photography jargon. Since I’m big on language to clarify what we’re doing as photographers, the use of this language raises a red flag for me. As a result, I began questioning the photographers on the meaning of the phrase they’d use in terms of camera operation and the composition’s intent.

The Difficulty With Online Photography Courses And Classes

I wouldn’t say there’s a problem with online photography courses, but there is some difficulty. Most importantly, online courses can be effective if done right and with the right teacher.

Here’s What I Think Makes Learning Photography Online So Difficult And Ineffective

The Ways And Places To Learn Photography Online

There are a lot of them out there. They range from one-off tutorials on video streaming platforms like YouTube to full-blown courses resulting in certificates accredited photography schools offer.

Who’s Doing The Teaching?

The teacher matters. Not only in terms of whether the teacher knows what they’re talking about but also whether or not they resonate with you.

Learning The Hit And Miss Way

One of the ways we can learn is by taking a haphazard approach. For better or worse, this happens a lot. It happened to me when I began to study photography. While this is a suitable learning method, it’s not very effective. For example, when I was learning this way, it was unclear what I needed to know, AND it resulted in me spending money on equipment I really didn’t need. I learned, but some would say (including myself) that this is learning the hard way. But it’s learnin’, nonetheless.

Given the nature of the internet, it’s easy to learn the hit-and-miss way because there are so many options for online photography courses and classes.

Here’s What I Think Would Make Learning Photography Online Easier And Effective

Learnin’ The Structured Way With One Teacher At a Time.

In short, find one teacher and learn all you can from them. In addition, keep in mind that no one knows everything. So make sure that the teacher knows what you’d like to learn. Also, ask the teacher how they structure the content that they teach. My best teachers communicated what they knew in a way that was easy to understand. In addition, while they provided structure to the class, they allowed me to examine the material presented in an unstructured way. In other words, they gave me something to practice but didn’t tell me how to practice with it. The result was that  I practiced in a way that was relevant to me. This approach to teaching allowed me to find my way to becoming a photographer.

Online Photography Courses And Classes – How To Find The Best One(s) For You

The Internet As A Means Of Discovery.

The internet may not be a great way to learn about something. On the other hand, it’s a great way to discover a way to learn. I mean that we can initially use the internet to find places to learn about who offers online photography courses and classes. In my experience, this happens when photographers are looking to take a class in Washington DC. They search the web and find links to information about photography classes in Washington, DC. They can then go through the process of selecting a place to learn.

After Discovering Places, Interview The Prospective Teacher(s)

That selection process should include speaking with the teacher to understand whether they can teach the material you’d like to learn. In addition, they should be able to teach it in an understandable and digestible manner. And the class should provide a structure that provides guidance and direction. Specifically, guidance and diradvicethout imposing any limitations on how you study and practice.

If you’re on this page, it looks like you’ve discovered me as a possible way to learn photography online. I hope you’ll take the next step and interview me. Contact Sam

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Online Photography Courses And Classes

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