The Intentional Photograph

The composition of your photograph should be filled with intent.

If you, or your camera, are picking exposure settings in a haphazard manner, or based solely on the amount of light that you are working with, the composition of your photograph is lacking the visual depth that can only come with intent.

Everything from the choice of your lens to the  the exposure settings that you pick should have the intention of creating a photograph that communicates your personal point of view of whatever you are photographing.

For example, a exposure setting of f-4 at 1/250 has a completely different compositional outcome than f-22 at 1/8. Assuming the intensity of the light hasn’t changed, the tonality/brightness of the picture remains the same while other visual charecteristics of the picture are completely different.

You would pick one over the other, or maybe a completely different combination depending on your intended compositional outcome.

Intent is everything when it comes to composition.

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