Basic Photography and Camera Operation Test

Quizzes are an excellent way to get an idea of what we know and don’t know, and that knowledge of what we know and don’t know perfectly guides our studies and practice.

I always ask anyone who wants to study and practice with me to take this test.

The best way to take this quiz is to answer the questions without using any sources of help.

- Basic Photography and Camera Operation Test

- June 23, 2024

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    18 thoughts on “Basic Photography and Camera Operation Test”

    1. Hello Christy,
      Thank you for your interest in my photography classes.

      While I feel that I can help you in terms of refreshing your lack of memory on photography and using a digital camera, I may fall short in terms of photo editing software such as Lightroom.

      While I’m inclined to suggest the Introduction to Photography class,,can you please give me a call at 202-531-2344 so we can determine, via discussion, if I can be of assistance to you.

      As you requested, here’s a couple of links related to courses and pricing:

      Best Regards,


    2. Thank you for the quiz. I appreciate knowing what I could study to increase my knowledge. I found that a few items I have the practical understanding, but not the written. Knowing this will allows me to improve the written knowledge so that I may speak with increased accuracy.

    3. Dear Sam,
      Debby Shipler recommended I take your course, and I just signed for one starting in April.
      I would really appreciate your feedback on this, and look forward to learning from you.
      Sarel Kromer

    4. Please change the answer to #1 to the first option – I was about to do that when I timed out of the test.

      We spoke on the phone about the Friday Intermediate daytime class. I am the one who has taken 2 of your short classes – one on exposure, and one on white balance. I am planning on registering for the class. I would appreciate it if you would contact me regarding the results of the test.

      Thanks –

    5. Hi,

      I’ve been shooting for nearly 10-years on and off and love capturing weddings and events, with a dash of portraits. I am most interested in better manipulating studio light and working on my composition. Hopefully composition and enhancing my eye are skills you can help me with.

    6. My last formal photography instruction was many years ago in college, well before digital was commonly available — a solid b&w photo/darkroom class taught by a seasoned pro. I was also trained as a filmmaker, so I understand exposure and composition, and my work isn’t too bad… simply would like it to be better. I scored a little shy of your requisite 80% on the test, mainly on the technical terminology and digital q’s, but I believe I would keep up in your Intermediate class — the Basics class is TOO basic. Can I register for the Intermediate class, or would you Ike me to study some other sources in order to get the “fuzzy” areas a bit clearer?

      1. Jim,

        Please do not register for the Intermediate class.

        Can you please give a call at 202-531-2344?

        I’d like to speak with you so we can determine how to proceed.


        Thank you.

    7. I’d like to do the test Basic Photography because I thinking to do class Intermediate Photography. Many thanks, Michaela.

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