The Camera – It’s Only A Tool

Just as a hammer is a tool that a carpenter uses, the camera is a tool that a photographer uses.

As a carpenter works with wood, a photographer works with light.

To try to simplify basic camera operation, put the camera into the perspective of a light recording tool.

The first thing that we need to do is to learn how the tool works.

As a beginner, In order to simplify this tool, think of the camera as doing only three things. In order to help photographers to begin to  develop a thoughtful process behind their pictures, these three things MUST be done thoughtfully by the photographer .

These three things are:

  1. Making an exposure.
  2. Measuring light.
  3. Focusing Light. (An auto-focus mode is fine for this, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to focus manually)

To begin to understand how to work your camera to it’s fullest, you should dig into your manual and read about the following.

  1. Exposure modes (making an exposure )
  2. Metering modes/patterns (measuring light)
  3. Focusing modes (focusing light)

By the way, the focusing is REALLY done with your lens.

If you begin to get an understanding of how the camera works to record light, you’re well on your way  to becoming a photographer who can create truly unique photographs.

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