Learning Without Doing

Learning Without Doing

Learning Without Doing


By the way, this post was inspired by working with photographers during my Learn To Think Like A Photographer Class



How’d you learn to do that?

For a start, how’d you learn to do that? 

I mean, whatever it is that you do.

And we do a lot.

Such as a job or hobby.

Or for that matter, if you’re raisin’ a kid, how’d ya learn to raise a kid?

Whatever it is that you do, did you learn to do it by reading about it?

Maybe ya learn how to do it by listening to someone talk about doing it? 

I guess we can learn ABOUT something by reading or listening. 

But I doubt if we can actually learn HOW to do it in that way.

Let’s talk about learning to do photography

Better yet.

For this purpose, let’s learn photography.

And, let’s learn it right now.

First, ya got a camera with ya? (And or the purpose of this experiment the one on your phone will do fine. )

Next, take it out and make a photograph. 

Afterward, providing that ya got a picture, take a look at it. 

So, what do ya think of it?

Because you DID what my words guided you to DO you learned what it’s like to make a photograph AND critique it. 

Learning Without Doing

Without a doubt, it’s simply that you DID is the reason that you learned. 

Because my words were only guidance. 

Even more, it was in your doing that you learned.

In other words, the learning happens within doing. 

In brief, learning without doing, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t possible. 


Learning Without Doing

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