Learn To Think Like A Photographer-A DC Photography Class

Learn To Think Like A Photographer-A DC Photography Class


Learn To Think Like A Photographer-A DC Photography Class



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Class Description

Learn To Think Like A Photographer-A DC Photography Class

What You’ll Learn

If we’re gonna be photographers, we gotta think like photographers. In a nutshell, learning to “think like a photographer” is what this class is about.  Specifically, we’ll talk about how to use our cameras. We’ll also cover photography basics. Finally, we’ll put into practice what we’ve been talkin’ about.  What I mean by that is we’ll relate what we do with our camera to what we think about during making the picture (composition).  As a result, we’ll make better pictures AND they’ll be compositions that are uniquely yours.

During The Learn To Think Like A Photographer class we’ll get into everything we do as photographers to create our photographs.  We’ll break down how we create a photograph step by step. When we break down and examine what we do as photographers we’ll be more involved in the composition. When we get involved in the process of composition we make better photographs.  During the class, we’ll think of our camera as a tool to create the best photographs that we possibly can. When we understand the tool that we work with then we’ll use that tool skillfully. When we do that, the camera becomes less important and our thought process becomes more important.

How You’ll Learn

During this hands-on, 90 minute class, you’ll get familiar with what we do as photographers. We’ll go through the process of seeing something to photograph to what we do with our camera and our mind to create the photograph. In addition, we’ll think about the intent of composition and camera operation. While applying thought to what we do as photographers during the class, you’ll automatically realize the best picture that you can make and then you’ll make it. You’ll learn by doing.

  • While working with Sam, you’ll be introduced to the process of  “thinking like a photographer”. Also, while using whatever camera ya got, you’ll be engaged in every aspect of the creation of your picture.
  • During the class, you’ll be given “assignments” to do in order to help you solidify the course material.
  • This is a very basic class and is geared to photographers regardless of camera or experience.

1 meeting, 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
Limited to 8 participants

****This is a very basic class. If you’d like more advanced studies and practice, please register for the Introduction to Photography class or the Getting To Know Your Camera class.(Link below).****


  • A camera, any kind will do (even the one your phone).
  • An interest in becoming a more observant, thoughtful and proficient photographer…

Nellie says: “Sam is able to explain the basics of photography, cameras, and light in a way that is so much less complicated than beginners photography books. He’s a great teacher.”

Learn To Think Like A Photographer-Student Comments


Since this is a new class there are no student comments available.

Important Notices

Class Meeting Location

The Learn To Think Like A Photographer-A DC Photography Class always meets at location #2.  Here’s a link for more information about meeting locations –-




Learn To Think Like A Photographer-A DC Photography Class

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6 comments on “Learn To Think Like A Photographer-A DC Photography Class
  1. Diane Grant says:

    Diane Grant
    I am registered for Learn to Think Like a Photographer session on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 11:30 AM.
    Please confirm location considering government shutdown. Thanks!

  2. Deirdre Soraci says:

    Hi, would you double check on the date for the 3rd Saturday in October.
    I would like to register but the date may be wrong. I plan to register for the
    Intermediate class but per your suggestion, I will take this class to make
    sure it seems I am ready.

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