How do freelance photographers earn a good living?

How do freelance photographers earn a good living ?

How do freelance photographers earn a good living



The Background For This Blog Post

Often, in my classes, it seems some of the people in the class are thinkin’ about trying to earn some money with their photography.

What’s a good living? 

To start, lets define “what’s a good living”. But you can only define that for you and I can only define that for me.

Once we figure out “what a good living” is, then we gotta figure out how to make that living.

If, like me, you think that making a living as a freelance photographer would be part of making a good living, then make effort to do that.

However, keep in mind that our avocation will be our vocation.  Therefore, our primary reason for wanting to “earn a good living” as a freelance photographer is to make money.

With that in mind, we gotta learn about business in general. In addition we gotta lerarn about the specifics of the business of photography.

So, How do freelance photographers earn a good living  ?

Beyond what was outlined above, there are no formulas. 

But, here’s what I know from my own experiences. 

It’s helpful to enjoy the work that we do as photographers. Because if we enjoy the work we do, we’ll be  very good at it. And If we’re very good at what we do, then people will pay us for our work. In addition if we enjoy the work, it don’t seem like work.

We also gotta find clients that need the work that we produce. Then we have to contact them to make them aware of us and the work that we do. And, if they decide to work with us, we gotta charge them enough so we can make make enough money to “earn a good living”. 



How do freelance photographers earn a good living

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