Being A Photographer – Our Process Of Being Photographers

Our Process Of Being Photographers

Our Process Of Being Photographers



The Premise Of This Blog Post

Often, during my photography classes, I’ll mention the word “process”. And  I don’t mean that as in “processing” an image or “processing” film. To be clear, what I mean by process is all the functions/activities that we do when we’re being photographers. From seeing something to photograph, to camera operation to the output of the picture. If we’re professional photographers our process would include our activities involving our business related stuff. 

Our Process

As mentioned above, our process is everything we do while being photographers.   And, in general, while our processes are similar they ain’t the same. For example, most photographers use a camera, but the cameras we use differ.

Our Activities

Our activities help describe and clarify our process.  In other words, what we do as photographers are the specifics of our process. As a comparison, in general, we can bake a cake. But what ingredients do we use, what utensils and kitchen appliances are involved, and what is the procedure of the recipe?

Our Process Of Being Photographers

Without doubt, if we make photographs, we’re photographers. On that level our process is similar.

However,  we’re all different photographers.

And since we’re all different photographers then our activities within our process are different.

These differences in our activities is what makes our photography unique.

To be clear, our activities include EVERYTHING that we do.

As a result of our activities, we get a photograph.

And since those activities are unique to each of us, it naturally follows that our photographs are unique.


Our Process Of Being Photographers

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