Creating A Good Photograph Is Inconvenient

Creating A Good Photograph Is Inconvenient

Creating A Good Photograph Is Inconvenient



The Premise Of This Blog Post

Without a doubt, photographers registering for my Introduction To Photography class have realized that creating well-composed photographs isn’t convenient. In other words, they’ve realized that even though they’ve purchased a DSLR that their photography hasn’t improved because they’re using their DSLR as a point and shoot.  And during the class, they also realize that the creation of a good photograph requires more than the convenience of a “point and shoot”  approach to composition.

Point And Shoot Is Conveneint

Certainly, a point and shoot approach to photography is convenient.

Yes, the description says it all in terms of our level of involvement in the composition of our picture. 

Simply put, our approach to composition is, we point and we shoot.

As a result of our convenient approach, we get convenient pictures.

And while we may not be pleased with the pictures, they’re convenient to make.

However, if we’re looking to get more than point and shoot results in our photography, then we’ve gotta be a bit inconvenienced. 

Creating A Good Photograph Is Inconvenient

In order to go beyond point and shoot results, during the Introduction to Photography class, our convenient approch to photography is tossed by the wayside.

As a result, we get much more involved in camera operation and the thought processes that go into what it takes to create a well-composed photograph.

In short, we begin to use our instead of a machine to compose our pictures. 

And while using a machine maybe convenient we can see how extending ourselves for something better is well worth the inconvenience.



Creating A Good Photograph Is Inconvenient

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