We Learn Photography as We Do Photography

When we learn photography as we do photography, we become well-rounded, knowledgeable, and effective photographers.

Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC. Sam D’Amico’s Photography classes were voted the Best Art Class in Washington, DC.  

Learning Photography

When we learn, we acquire knowledge and skills.

And we acquire knowledge in multiple ways.

Specifically, we acquire knowledge through experience, study, or being taught.

 We need all three of these to become proficient in whatever we want to know how to do.

In addition, all three of these things require our active participation.

In other words, we need to “do.”

Because learning without doing is nothing more than absorbing knowledge without testing what we know to see how to apply it effectively.

So,  when we learn photography as we do photography, we learn from a place of direct experience.

And nothing beats the direct experience of doing to become proficient at something.

Doing Photography

When we “do” intentionally,l think we become engaged in whatever we do.

And it’s that engagement or ” doing,” whatever activity we do, that enables the acquisition of active skill.

When we use our cameras and make photographs, we’re not only experiencing what it’s like to do photography; we are also experiencing how we view ourselves as photographers. It’s a way to determine where we must refine our knowledge and skills.

If we want to learn to swim, we get into a pool of water. We’re in the pool we learn to swim under the guidance of a teacher by teacher demonstrates and then instructing us on how to “swim.”

But we don’t know how to swim until we do “swimming” for ourselves.

We Learn Photography As We Do Photography

In short, as goes swimming, as goes with photography.

Tspecificrtain, we need to pick up a camera, even the camera on our phone,  and start doing photography.

Because as we begin to make the pic,tures we’re experiencing what it’s like to do photography.

Consequently, we now know what it’s like to make a photograph.

And it’s in the doing that leads to realizing what we know and doesn’t know in terms of our skills and understanding.

On the other hand, If we stop doing, we stop learning.

And if we don’t want to keep learning,  then it’s probably a good idea to stop doing it.

So please, keep doing it.

Because we learn photography as we do photography

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