We Learn Photography As We Do Photography

We Learn Photography As We Do Photography

We Learn Photography As We Do Photography



The Premise Of This Blog Post

So, what’s the best way to learn photography?  That’s a question many of us ask ourselves when we’re looking to improve our photography skills.


When we learn, we acquire knowledge and/or skills.

And we acquire knowledge in multiple ways.

Specifically, we acquire knowledge through experience, study or being taught.

However, I think that we need all three of these to become proficient in whatever we wanna know how to do.

In addition, all three of these things require our active participation.

In other words, we need to “do”.


When we “do” with intentional thought we become engaged in whatever we’re doing.

And it’s that engagement or ‘doing”, whatever activity we’re doing that enables the acquisition of knowledge.

To rephrase, we learn by doing.

If we wanna learn to swim, we get into a pool of water. While we’re in the pool we learn to swim under the guidance of a teacher by the teacher demonstrating and then instructing us on how to do “swimming”.

But we don’t actually know how to swim until we do “swimming” for ourselves.

We Learn Photography As We Do Photography

In short, as goes swimming, as goes with photography.

To be certain, we gotta pick up a camera and start doing photography.

Because, as we begin to make pictures we’re experiencing what it’s like to do photography.

Consequently, we now know what it’s like to make a photograph.

And it’s in the doing that leads to knowing that the learning happens.

On the other hand, If we stop doing, we stop learning.

And if we don’t wanna keep learning,  then it’s probably a good idea to stop doing.

So please, keep doing.


We Learn Photography As We Do Photography

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