Manual Exposure Mode – Why Don’t We Do It?

Manual Exposure Mode Why Don’t We Do It? – A blog post based on conversations with photographers.


What Is Manual Exposure Mode?

Manual exposure is an exposure mode setting on our on cameras. This exposure mode allows us to have the most choice when it comes to the composition of our photograph.  Furthermore, it allows the most freedom of choices and outcomes in terms of composition.

Manual Exposure Mode Why Don’t We Do It?

Choosing An Automatic Exposure Offers Us

Ease and convenience. Compliance instead of nonconformity. A picture that’s acceptable instead of a picture that’s outstanding. A picture produced partially, or fully, by the camera instead of a picture produced by our mind and skill. In addition, it offers us a shelter from the fear of failure. Because by allowing  the camera to make the picture, when the picture falls short, we get to point to the camera as the culprit. On the other hand if we make the picture in manual exposure mode and the picture falls short, we’ve got to point to ourselves as the one that failed. That may no be so easy to take.

Choosing Manual Exposure Offers Us

The ultimate in terms of the choices we can make when it comes to our compositions. If we don’t know what we’re doin, the probability of failure. An excellent outcome in terms of composition instead of merely acceptable composition. A chance to fail and learn from our failures.

Choosing to Choose

We gotta choose. And we do choose.

We choose the way of ease and  conformity. Or we choose the the way of applied effort and nonconformity.

One way our work becomes formulaic. The other way our work becomes something that is dynamic and changing.

We can accept what we are given. We can create what we find acceptable.

Now that we know the choices, which seems the most rewarding?


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manual exposure mode why don't we do it

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