Knowing Photography And Knowing How To Work Our Camera

Knowing Photography And Knowing How To Work Our Camera – A blog post based on conversations with photographers.

A Few Words About Manual Exposure Mode

When I work with photographers in my Introduction To Photography class we work in manual exposure mode throughout the class.  I always think of working in manual exposure mode as proof of our understanding of photography. Because working in manual exposure mode requires that we pick aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. In other words, this allows the most creative options. Using manual exposure is like usin’ a blank canvas and our imaginations to paint. On the other hand, usin’ an automatic exposure mode is like usin’ a paint by numbers set.

Photography Is Photography

While photography is photography, cameras vary. If we wanna be photographers we gotta learn photography. The camera is just a tool to do photography.

Knowing Photography And Knowing How To Work Our Camera

Increasing Or Decreasing vs. Turning Left Or Turning Right

Understanding what happens when we Increase or decrease exposure is photography. In brief, increasing exposure makes our picture brighter while decreasing exposure makes our picture darker.

While exposure is photography, HOW we change exposure is camera operation.

Understanding that f8 will make our picture darker than f5.6 is understanding photography. Knowing that 1/60 sec second will make our picture brighter than 1/125 sec is also understanding photograph. When we realize that changing our ISO from 400 to 2oo makes our picture darker, that too shows an understanding of photography. On the other hand, knowing whether turning a dial left or right will achieve the desired exposure result on a specific camera is limited to that camera.

Yes, it’s important to know how our camera works. However, its more important to know photography. Cameras change. Photography doesn’t.

You can learn more about his topic in the Introduction To Photography class.

Study And Practice Photography With Sam

Knowing Photography And Knowing How To Work Our Camera

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License the use of a photograph for commercial or editorial use.

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