Learn To Work With A Camera

Learn To Work With A Camera – A blog post based on conversations with photographers.


Learn To Work With A Camera

If were gonna be photographers we gotta learn to work with a camera because a camera is what we usually use to make a picture.   On one hand, cameras ALL do the same thing. On the other hand they do the thing they do differently.  While ALL cameras are the tool we use to make a picture, the way your camera works is different than how my camera works. But the result is the same. The result is that we get a photograph. At the end of the day, a camera is just a camera.

Learn To Work With YOUR Camera

Sometimes, when photographers contact me to take a class with me one of the things they’re lookin’ to learn is how to work their camera in the best way possible to get the best pictures possible. In addition, they sometimes ask if they’ll need a “camera upgrade”. Of course, they don’t. Because what I think is needed is nothing more than a shift in perspective.  A shift in perspective that sees the camera as a tool that allows us to make a photograph. Does the camera matter? Ya can read about that here–>

When You Learn To Work With YOUR Camera You Learn To Work With ALL Cameras

By learning to work with OUR camera we learn to work with ALL cameras because, as I said before, a camera is a camera.

If we begin to see our camera as a tool we begin to look at it as something we use to create or do something.  Specifically, our photography. I think of cameras as I think of a Swiss Army Knife – it’s a Swiss Army Knife at the core, but depending on the model of the knife it offers more or less extra utility.

At the core a camera records light. Yup, it’s nothin’ more than a light recording tool. This light recordin’ tool varies in design and utility. But ALL cameras at the base utility level measure light (metering), focus light (focusing is done with a lens, but many camera have and interface/communication system with the lens) and make an exposure (an exposure is THE recording of light. The exposure IS our photograph).

When we understand what the base utility of our camera is we understand the base utility of ALL cameras. Like I said before, all cameras do the same thing, they just do that same thing differently.


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Learn To Work With A Camera

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