Does the camera lie?

Does the camera lie?

Does the camera lie?



This post was inspired by a discussion I had with someone on a bus while talking about “fake news”.



Does a pen lie?

No, of course not. However, the person using the pen could lie.

And I’m not saying that words lie. 

Because a pen is used to write words that communicate. 

Furthermore, from this perspective, the pen is used to write the words. But neither the pen or the words are doing the lying. 

What is it that lies then?

Those pens and words are simply vehicles.

To put it another way, they are a means to an end.

They are the result of intent. 

As an example,  a writer picks up a pen and uses the pen to write words intentionally. 

But what has the intent?

It sure ain’t. the pen or the words. 

Because the pen and the words are tools.

And tools are inanimate objects.

And inanimate objects don’t have the human characteristic of intent. 

By now, I think you know where’ I’m going with this. 

A camera ain’t much different than a pen.

And as such, a camera is just a tool that a house with intent to make a picture. 

But just like the pens and the resulting words, the camera and the resulting picture doesn’t lie.

However, the camera is used to create a picture that represents a lie a human creates.

So, Does the camera lie?


Cameras don’t lie. It’s just a tool that records light.

However, photographers can lie. 

And a picture can be intentionally deceptive.

And in the end, it’s the photographer that creates the fake news, not the tools used by the photographer.



Does the camera lie?

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