Being A Photographer

Class Premise And Intention

Whether we use a camera phone or more complex camera, such as a DSLR, what we do as photographers and what we do with our cameras to create a photograph, on a base level, is the same regardless of the camera. If we want to become a better photographer and create better photographs, we should become familiar with what we do as photographers and what we do with our cameras to get our intended composition. The intention of this class is to get the participant to become a more observant and thoughtful photographer while becoming more familiar with camera operation and functions.

Class Description

This course will examine how we get from seeing to the creation of the photograph by examining our functions as photographers during the process of composing/creating our photographs.

This hands-on, foundational, 90 minute class, is intended to get the participants familiar with light and the tool that we use to make a photograph (a camera). We’ll talk about light as subject and what we do with our camera on a base level. We see, we get an impulse to create a photograph, and then we use a camera to create the photograph.

By paying attention to what we’re doing as a photographer, in terms of seeing  and recording what we see as  a photograph, we will create more thoughtfully composed photographs. We’ll become aware of what we do with our eyes, mind and cameras to to get the best composition we can with whatever camera we have.

  • The  course is intended to encourage the participants to thoughtfully engage in the activities we do while we are  being a photographer, (Framing, focusing, metering and exposure.), to create photographic compositions with intention.
  • This is a very basic class and is geared to photographers regardless of camera or experience.

1 meeting, 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
Limited to 8 participants

****If you’d like to learn to work your camera in manual exposure mode, please consider registering for the Introduction to Photography class or the Getting To Know Your Camera class.(Links below).****


  • A camera. Any kind will do …
  • An interest in becoming a more observant, thoughtful and proficient photographer…
    You’ll get the most out of this lesson if you bring the “full version” of your camera owner’s manual to class…

Nellie says: “Sam is able to explain the basics of photography, cameras and light in a way that is so much less complicated than beginners photography books. He’s a great teacher.”

Being A Photographer Student Comments.

Since this is a new class there are no student comments available.

Important Notices

Class Meeting Location

This class always meets at location #2. Click the link below for more information. If you have any questions about the meeting location of a specific class that is scheduled please contact Sam ( ) with the class name and specific schedule.

Here’s a link for more information about meeting locations –-

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2 comments on “Being A Photographer
  1. Deirdre Soraci says:

    Hi, would you double check on the date for the 3rd Saturday in October.
    I would like to register but the date may be wrong. I plan to register for the
    Intermediate class but per your suggestion, I will take this class to make
    sure it seems I am ready.

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