Photography Blog Posts

Photyography Blog Posts

Consider These Things When Buying a Camera

e’ve taken efore buying a camera, it pays to be well-informed, so you get a camera that’s the best camera for you. Here are some things to consider when buying a camera.   What Should We Consider When Buying a Camera? Let’s face it, buying a camera can be difficult and confusing—especially digital cameras. So […]

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Learn To Think Like a Photographer

The Learn To Think Like A Photographer Photography class will get you thinking like a photographer and creating unique compositions.  And because you’ll begin associating camera operation with visual outcomes, composing pictures becomes more deliberate. Specifically, we’ll talk about and practice a compositional thought process that we can apply to any camera we use. We’ll

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Unlearn Photography

When it comes to improving our photography, unlearning photography is as vital as learning photography because we often need to unlearn what we’ve learned to become better photographers.   Unlearning Our Photography First, here’s what I mean by “unlearning our photography.” Unlearning our photography means recognizing habits, processes, and ideas about photography that keep us

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