What Is Fine Art?

What Is Fine Art?

What Is Fine Art?



Fine Art, Fine Art Photographer and SEO

I’ve got an issue with the terms “fine art photography” and “fine art photographer”.  To be specific, I view those terms as an attempt to elevate the the work, or the worker, with words. In addition, I think that words are cheap and “Art” is just a word.  But it’s a word that people seem to make a fuss about. Even so, fuss or not, as a photographer I’ve had to come  terms with the word “art” and, specifically I’ve had to ask the question; What is fine art? 

Being that art is subjective who decides what is art and by what crtiteria do we define art?  In other words, where one person sees art another sees not-art.   And, while I’ve been making effort in uppin’ my game when it comes sellin’ prints of my work I’ve learned some stuff about the term “Fine Art”

For the purpose of  Search Engine Optimization, SEO, the platform I’m usin’ to sell prints of my work suggests using the words “fine art” and “photograph”. However, for the reasons stated above I’m not gonna’ use the the words “fine art”  to describe me as a photographer or as a description of my photographs in terms of aesthetics . But I will use the words “fine art” and “photograph”, as reccomneded, for SEO purposes. 

So, What Is Fine Art And How Will I Use It In Terms Of My Work?

Considering fine art, here’s what I learned about the term.

In order to make a distinction when it comes to art, there’s ‘fine art” and there’s “applied/decorative art”. These terms are conceptual and make a distinction in how the work functions.

The term “fine art” can also be associated with production quality. The substrates and inks used in the production of a “fine art print” must be certified archival by a third-party accredited institution, to be considered a “fine art print”.

Is the work that I produce as a photographer fine art? That’d be a matter of opinion.

Is the quality of the print that my work is reproduced on fine art? Yup. That’s a matter of fact.

In terms of SEO and as a way to describe my work reproduced as a print, I think I’ll describe my work as “photographs printed as fine art”.



What Is Fine Art?

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