The Middle Way Of Art And Business

Many artists want nothing to do with business. They feel that business may lessen their work as artists, make them “sell out”, do work that is unfulfilling, etc.

Many business people want nothing to do with art. They feel that art doesn’t pay, life as an artist is unpredictable, art is unstructured, etc.

The business person in us looks for stability, a definite route, and follows an existing and seemingly safe path while struggling to fit in.

The artist in us looks for all possibilities, sees things differently and looks to for a path not yet created.

These two types of persons that exist in us seem to be in direct contradiction.

If you learn to combine these two persons and find a middle way you can be both an artist and a business person.

You can do the work that you want to do, find a market for your work, and make money doing it.

Find your middle way.

2 thoughts on “The Middle Way Of Art And Business”

  1. Very well said Mr Sam .

    In the past i had a mind set Talent , Balance , focus and inspiration can make a difference

    But after all it may not be sufficient without a good hand of luck and self determination , and precision .

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