The Process Of Learning Photography

The Process Of Learning Photography

I was speaking with a photographer who was considering studying photography with me.

Based on our conversation we determined the most effective course of study for her to start with would be one of two classes (or maybe both) that I offer in Washington DC.

She asked me, and I’m paraphrasing here, “does the class entail you writing a lot on the board?”

Here’s my paraphrased answer


My handwriting sucks so I’d have to repeat the stuff that I write any way.

Here’s how class goes:

I talk. You take notes or not take notes. Ya don’t have to write everything I say, but I’ll let ya know when I think what I got to say is important enough for you to write down.

We talk about photography and camera operation in order to get us thinking as photographers and then we do/put into practice what we talk about.”

Our practice efforts encompass the mental and the experiential.

The talking, discussions the note taking and thinking are our mental efforts practice.

The doing is our experiential efforts of practice.

Knowing stuff and thinking  (mental) is one thing.

Applying what we know with our mind into the process of creating a picture (experiential) is another.

It’s our practice of the doing,  of the experiencing, of the making of a photograph with our camera, that pulls it all together.

Thinking about doing ain’t the same as doing.

Think AND do.


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