Drawing Inspiration – Photographer Tenzig Dapka

inspiration photographer tenzig tapka


inspiration photographer Tenzig Dapka

Tenzig Dapka – Drawing Inspiration

Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated
to photographers who’ve inspired me.

-Drawing Inspiration From Photographer Tenzig Dapka (inspiration photographer tenzig tapka)

Here’s a link to the photographer’s work.–> https://indigoplusmadder.com/tenzing-dakpa-1

Who are the photographers that inspire you? Please leave your comments and replies below.

What I Mean About The Term “Drawing Inspiration’.

About The Use Of The Word Drawing

To clarify, In the case of this series of blog posts, I use the word drawing to indicate an action.

To be specific, A action of guiding and/or obtaining something from a source.

For example, being guided by a mentor.

Another example is, obtaining fresh water from a spring.


Always, to me, inspiration is a process.

Specifically, it’s a process that mentally stimulates me to action or feeling.

The Importance of Drawing Inspiration

To demonstrate, stop for a moment and think about all the ways we’re inspired.

For example. Do you have a job or are you looking for work? Why? The why is your source from which you draw your inspiration.

In addition, I think we tend to romanticize inspiration. In other words, we make it be something special. But it ain’t.

Furthermore, I think that on some level there is ALWAYS an inspiration in our life. For instance, when I exhale, I’m inspired to draw in another breath.

The Importance of Drawing Inspiration When It Comes To Our Photography. (inspiration photographer tenzig tapka)

In short, we can look at the work of other photographers and artists and draw inspiration from it.

To be clear, I don’t mean to mimic/copy it.

Instead, draw inspiration from them and their work. And then we can allow that process of inspiration to guide us to be the best photographers that we can possibly be.

In summary, when we draw inspiration from 0ther photographers we open our mind. And in opening our mind we broaden our photography.



inspiration photographer Tenzig Dapka

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Drawing Inspiration - Photographer Tenzig Dapka
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Drawing Inspiration - Photographer Tenzig Dapka
Drawing Inspiration is a series of posts dedicated to photographers who've inspired me.
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Sam D'Amico Photography

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