Use The White Balance Settings On Your Camera To Make Better Photographs

Whether you use a point and shoot or a higher end DSLR, you can use the white balance settings on your camera to add depth to your photographic compositions.

While using the  auto white balance settings is fine for making an average picture, learning to use the various white balance settings  on your camera allows you to use color on a more creative level.

When picking a specific white balance setting you can get the most  accurate color reproduction possible or you can use the white balance setting to get intentional color shifts.

What allows you to do this is the understanding of the relationship between the white balance setting on your camera and the color temperature of the light source. When you understand how the two relate, you’ve added another dimension to your use of color and you can use color as an effective compositional element in your pictures.

Learn to use the white balance settings on your camera to create better photographs.

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