When Shopping For a Camera-Get The Facts

 When Shopping For a Camera-Get The Facts

I was once offered an axiom. Specifically, “for a buck fifty and my opinion I’d a get a cup of coffee”. In other words, my opinion is worthless when it comes to gettin’ me that cup a coffee. 

Opinions and Facts

Simply put, I think that our opinion is  just our ideas about facts. For example, there’s a saying attributed to Bob Marley; “Some people get wet and some people feel the rain”. In other words, the fact is that it’s raining and we’re in the rain. Getting wet is an opinion that implies discomfort while feeling the rain is an opinion that implies sensual experience.

An Example Of Opinion vs. Facts When It Came To A Question

A photographer who is considering working with me emailed me with information that included what equipment they were working with. When they mentioned the camera they stated “ I hope this is a decent model.” The fact is that it’s a camera, whether it’s a decent model is a matter of opinion.

When I “Googled” the camera make and model I got a page of results that included facts and opinions.

One photographer’s opinion was that the camera wasn’t anything to write home about. However, the opinion and the reason for the opinion was about a certain feature that was of no interest to me when it comes to my photography.

On the other hand, when I want to page that offered me FACTS, considering the work that I do, this camera woulda been fine with me.

When Shopping For a Camera-Get The Facts

When shoppin’ for a camera we gotta put the search in the context of our work (and other things) and get the facts about the camera.

Here’s a link on my website that’ll provide some information about things to consider when buying a camera AND a link that’ll provide ya with facts. —> Can You Recommend Camera ?



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When Shopping For a Camera-Get The Facts

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