What’s the difference between ordinary cameras and digital cameras ?

 What is the difference between ordinary cameras and digital cameras?

What is the difference between ordinary cameras and digital cameras


Ordinary Cameras

ALL cameras are ordinary cameras.

In other words, ALL cameras are ordinary in the sense that they’re all tools that record light. 

On the other hand, the WAY  cameras operate are different. Because there are different formats of cameras and there are different manufacturers.  And because there are different formats and different manufacturers, cameras operate differently.

However, do not lose sight that all these different cameras are still just an (ordinary) camera.

Digital Cameras

While a digital camera IS an ordinary camera, there are distinct differences in camera operation, image storage, and image output.

Camera operation

As previously stated,  a digital camera is a camera. However, in terms of operation, it’s similar to a computer operating system. In fact, the firmware updates issued to digital is similar to computer operating system updates.

In addition, a digital sensor records the image. And that image is a digital “file”.

Image storage

Regarding storage, we store digital files on hard drives. And make sure that you back this stuff up.

Image output

Considering output, digital files display easily as print or electronic output. 

What is the difference between ordinary cameras and digital cameras

To put it briefly, there are just cameras. However, each camera operates differently.

In addition, don’t get bogged down in camera operation.

Because no matter what the camera, what really matters is the differences in photographers.

While we use the same tool, a camera, it’s what we do with the tool that ultimately makes our work distinct. 



What is the difference between ordinary cameras and digital cameras

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