Photography And The Exposure Triangle

 Photography And The Exposure Triangle

Photography And The Exposure Triangle



Photography And The Exposure Triangle

This post is inspired by speaking with photographers who are considering studying and practicing photography with me.

What’s The Exposure Triangle?

In brief, the exposure triangle is a visual aid to help photographers learn how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO combine to effect a photograph. 

I Think Calling “The Exposure Triangle”  The Exposure Triangle is  Misleading.

Because ISO is included in the triangle, I think the exposure triangle is misleading.

Granted, ISO is a consideration in our composition.

However, ISO is not exposure.

Therefore, I think it shouldn’t be included in an “exposure triangle.”

To be clear, ISO controls light sensitivity only.

And exposure consists of the combination of aperture and shutter speed.

In addition, I view ISO as the foundation on which we choose exposure settings. 

Moreover, my view of ISO is based on my background in learning photography on film. 

As a side note, digital cameras didn’t exist when I began learning photography.

If  We’re Gonna Use A Triangle As A Visual Aid…

As a means to explain the interaction of ISO, aperture and shutter speed, then I think viewing the exposure triangle as a “Tonality Triangle” is more appropriate.

The Tonality Triangle

I think that most photographers critique the brightness of a picture as “over” or “under” exposed.

I use the word “tonality”.

Specifically, In terms of tonality, I’ll critique a picture of having a tonality that’s bright or dark.

Why The Tonality Triangle?

Because of the fact that aperture and shutter speed control exposure only.

And ISO controls “light sensitivity” only.

Undoubtedly, all three control the tonality of our photograph.

Therefore, I think of the “exposure triangle as a “tonality triangle”.



Photography And The Exposure Triangle

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 Photography And The Exposure Triangle
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 Photography And The Exposure Triangle
I Think Calling "The Exposure Triangle"  The Exposure Triangle is  Misleading.
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