Photographers-Choose Your Words Carefully

Photographers-Choose Your Words Carefully – A blog post based on conversations with photographers.

Photography is visual, but we still need to use words to think about our work. We think about our work while we’re creating it and we think about our work after we’ve created it by describing and critiquing our work. When we think, we use words. Our words are something we consistently work on during the Introduction To Photography class.

Photographers-Choose Your Words Carefully

The Words We Use While Composing Our Picture

While composing our picture we can use words to describe what we’re seeing and we can use words to describe how we’re thinking about what were seeing. We can also use words to describe what we do with our camera (camera operation) to compose our picture.

The words we use during the process of composition will translate into the visual that becomes our photograph.

For example, when I’m thinking of  the brightness of my picture I’ll use the words “increasing”, “decreasing” and “tonality”.  Specifically, tonality is the brightness of my picture, while increasing describes making brighter and decreasing describes making darker.

Words We Use To Describe Our Picture While Critiquing It

After the photograph is made, I’ll critique it. In addition to critiquing it by using the word tonality I’ll use other words like, “blur”,  “sharpness”, “framing”, “content” and more.

The words we use are important because our words will allow us to be specific in terms of the cause and effect of camera operation in relation to our resulting picture.

It doesn’t matter if the words you use are different the the words I use. What matters is we use our words to clarify what we do as photographers during the process of composition and to clarify the results of what we have done in terms of critiquing our photograph.

You can learn more about this topic in the Introduction To Photography class.


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Photographers-Choose Your Words Carefully

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