Our Photographs Ain’t For Everyone

Not everyone is gonna find our photography interesting.

There are some people out there that will find our pictures interesting. That’s the icing on the cake.

What’s the cake? Our photographs.

We gotta produce work that WE find interesting and like. We gotta like and appreciate our own work. If we don’t like and appreciate our own work, how can we expect others to?

Back to the cake analogy. Give a skilled baker different ingredients and every thing they bake will be different but it will be THEIR product based on THEIR individual skills and approach to baking.
Depending on the ever-changing changing ingredients that they get they may produce a loaf of bread, a pastry, a cake, etc. Would a proficient baker, if given the ingredients that are used to make a loaf of bread, attempt to make a pastry? I doubt it. The baker takes what they have to work with and makes the best loaf of bread that they can. Trying to make a pastry with the ingredients for bread would be misguided.

Same with our photography.

We gotta create pictures that come from our heart. We gotta create pictures that come from ourselves. We should have no preconceptions of how our work should be/look based on a homogeneous set of ideas (rules of composition). We should create photographs that represent the ever-changing things we see and the ever-changing ways we think about what we see. The ingredients (what we have to work with for our recipe) for our photography is what we see and how we think about what we see.

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