Flash And A Thunderstorm

Flash And A Thunderstorm

  • A blog post based on conversations with participants during my photography classes.

When I look outside at night it’s pretty dark.
Other than the glowing, translucent blinds from the windows of the apartments across the courtyard, there ain’t much beein’ seen.

Unless there’s a flash of lightning.

When there’s a flash of lightning, I can see the wall that surrounds those glowing windows.

  • That flash of lightning is like the flash that photographers use.
    • An intermittent, illuminating light source of brief duration that can vary in intensity.
  • That flash of lightning ain’t like the flash that photographers use.
    • Flash is: It’s portable. We can use it as an element of composition anytime we want. We can modify it. It’s predictable. We can control the characteristics of the light source.

The pop-up flash on your camera is good enough to learn with.

You’ll need to plunk down some cash if ya want a flash that’ll give ya more than the pop-up flash on your camera does.

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