Our Cameras – Same Stuff. Different Ways of Doing The Same Stuff.

Our Cameras – Same Stuff. Different Ways of Doing The Same Stuff.

  • A blog post/written thoughts based on conversations with participants during  the Getting To Know Your Camera course.

People are like cameras.

We’re all the same in terms of what we are and what we do on a base level, but we look and function differently in many ways.

For better or worse, people don’t come with owners manuals.

For better, our camera does.

From what I’ve heard, a lot of us don’t make much use of the owners manual for our camera.

We gotta use it.

We gotta use it because the owners manual is invaluable when it comes to learning to work with our camera in an effective way.

We also gotta make sure that we have the most useful version of our owners manual that’s available.

I’ve made a video to help make sure you get the right version of  the owners manual for your cameras and how to use the owners manual in a way that will effectively support your photography studies and practice.

You can find the video here. —>

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