Be A Good Photographer Or Just Look Like One

Many people equate good photography with equipment. They’ll see a photographer with the newest, top “o” the line camera and lenses, and a bunch of other equipment and think that this photographer must be good photographer.

Being a good photographer is different than looking like one.

There are a lot photographers who have tons of gear but don’t know how to use it to make good photographs.

They are more concerned with understanding their camera and gear than understanding photography.

They depend on many of the cameras auto functions to get them a picture.

Depending on the camera will get them an average picture. That makes them an average photographer.

The best photographers see their equipment as a tool to get them what they want.

They depend on their mind to create the photograph and use the camera as an evaluative and recording tool. To them the camera is nothing more, or less, than a needed tool. A tool that serves their creativity.

Good photography is not about gear. Good photography is about how a photographer filters their experiences and feelings through the camera.

Don’t be an average photographer.

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