You Got People?

The ad campaign that says “When you got  (insert tax preparation company name here), you got People.”, reminds me  of

In the context of  trying to run a photography business, when I  think of “People”  in the terms that I assume are implied in the ad campaign, I can’t help but to think of the people at PhotoShelter as, well,  my “PEOPLE”.

Here’s  what the people at PhotoShelter do to help us as photographers.

PhotoShelter provides:

  • Secure online backup of my precious digital images. (Imagine  Smeagol/Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings saying precious.)
  • Tools  to organize, display  and deliver my photographs.
  • E-commerce capabilities.  You can license  your photographs and sell prints directly to clients from your Personal Archive. Via  a secure  shopping cart, linked to your PayPal or merchant account,  the transaction is completed and your money  is  received  immediately. No more hearing the phrase, “the check is in the mail” .
  • Websites to showcase your work  and grow your  business. Great looking, easy  to use templates or, if you’re an HTML and CSS wiz,  you can design your own.
  • Images and galleries that can be  embedded into  blogs or websites to enhance your  advertising/marketing efforts.
  • The ability to create a virtual agency. By grouping  your work with other photographers, you can all market your PhotoShelter images together as an “Agency”.
  • A forum where PhotoShelter members  share their knowledge, buy and sell gear or get  their photos critiqued by other members.

Beyond the above PhotoShelter also has the “A Picture’s Worth Blog”. I found the following post VERY helpful, SEO Report: How to Get Your Images Found .

The article pointed out MANY things I could be doing to increase the chances of my photographs being located on the web by  potential print buyers and licensees.

Before this blog  post I had  NO  IDEA about how to increase the SEO for my images. I guess  it’s fair to say that up until now, when it came to SEO, I’ve been SOL.

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